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And Tacos Are Coming!
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We kick off this episode with Suzuki St. Pierre, who's been banished back to his green-screen. Suzuki reminds us that Cal Hartley has made everything All Right Forever at Meade, and that means that Betty gets to be shown on Fashion Television (or whatever Suzuki's show is called) eating a donut. At home in Queens, Justin is appalled. Betty, sitting next to him and eating what appears to be the same donut, is defensive.

The kitchen is full of Suarezes, plus Matt and Nurse Elena. Betty exposits that today is her Annual Performance Review, and she's going to ask for a promotion to Editor. Well, that seems both unexpected and completely irrelevant to your current job, Betty. But good luck, I guess. And Matt points out that when Betty finishes her Y.E.T.I. final project, she'll get some job interviews. Then he makes a strained analogy to Manny Ramirez last winter, who allegedly had options. None of the Suarezes get the reference. That's weird. They all knew who Alex Rodriguez was last episode. Well, except for Justin. Anyway, it's not a very good reference, because the only team that seemed at all interested in signing Manny last winter was the Dodgers. If other teams were beating down his door, we certainly didn't hear about it.

...Okay, see the way you're staring at the screen? That mixture of incomprehension and irritation is what the Suarezes are giving Matt. I think the line was only there to remind us that he works for a sports magazine. Ignacio gives Matt some food, and as Betty walks past the screen with a plate of donuts (yum!) Hilda knocks Elena's purse off a chair. When she picks it up, she sees a letter that Elena has received from the Chula Vista School of Nursing. In case you're wondering, Chula Vista is in Extremely Southern California, squeezed in between San Diego and the Mexican Border. Hilda looks worried.

It's time for Betty's review, so we cut to Daniel's office. He grades her as "excellent" in several categories, including Punctuality and Initiative. While that's going on, Wilhelmina is doing the same for Marc, although she's giving him a grudging "adequate. Marc is delighted with this, and starts to suggest something with "I was hoping in light of my recent adequacy..." He's like Bill McNeal bragging about his adequatulence. ("Not a word!" "It is now!") It turns out both Marc and Betty want the same thing: to receive promotions to editor. But Cal Hartley has insisted on a Hiring Freeze, which apparently also applies to promotions. So unless someone leaves the company, no one can change jobs, and everyone just got hired back. So Betty and Marc walk sadly back to their desks.

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