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And Tacos Are Coming!

Another way that Betty and Marc are being paired up in this episode is that Marc is wearing some absolutely ridiculous outfits. He's got an orange vest and silly pants. They're more than "silly", but I'm afraid I don't have the fashion vocabulary to accurately convey the yellow-and-black horror that is enveloping his legs.

Marc and Betty look at each other sadly.

In Queens, Hilda confronts Elena with the letter from Chula Vista, because Hilda is angry that Elena is suddenly looking for a Nurse Educator position on the other side of the country. Elena tries to complain about Hilda opening her mail and reading it, but doesn't get much traction. Hilda's more interested in shouting about Elena leaving Ignacio and thinking Chula Vista is an entirely different country. So she tells Elena to tell Ignacio, or she will.

Mode. Wili is in a meeting finalizing plans for the Mode Bridal Issue, which will apparently revolve around black dresses. Cal shows up unexpectedly, claiming that an earthquake in Siberia has meant that there are too many bodies lying around to have a successful motorcycle race, so he has nothing better to do than meddle in Mode. He grabs a prominently positioned Cherry 7-Up and then starts making changes to Wili's layout. For example, he feels that the dresses aren't popping and should be separated by a full-page ad for Cherry 7-Up. And as Marc assures Wili that he has pictures of her original layout, Cal starts telling them how clever the drink ad is. And an extra starts talking about the many health benefits of drinking the stuff. It's pretty intrusive, but it's not so intrusive that it's definitely a joke.

Cal suggests that maybe a reshoot is in order, and Wili starts explaining the whole idea and Cal acerbically says, "You don't have to take my ideas. Of course, you did take my money." Just then Claire shows up and complains that their meeting is running long, and that she booked this conference room for a Hot Flash meeting. Wili just started her meeting one paragraph ago! Cal calls Claire over to weigh in on the black-bridal-dress concept, and Claire feels that black in a fashion magazine is just as cliche as the white wedding dress was to begin with, but maybe colors are the way to go. Cal assigns her to "work with" Wilhelmina to come up with a new angle. Didn't Cal say, just last episode, that he insisted on Wilhelmina keeping her position as Mode Co-Editor-in-Chief? So why is he undermining her? And why is Claire so delighted at the idea? Shouldn't two editors be enough for this magazine?

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