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And Tacos Are Coming!

We're back! Betty, Marc and Matt are brainstorming in the apartment that Amanda and Marc are subletting from Betty. Betty claims that this will be "easy-squeezy", and Marc wants to focus on the visuals because words are boring. Matt suggests that since astronomy is a physical science and there's a jazz club nearby, they could shoot a band playing telescopes instead of instruments. That sounds weird. Marc hates it. Betty suggests U2 on a space shuttle, which Matt thinks isn't all that easy-squeezy. Amanda turns out to be on the couch watching YouTube clips, and Matt rushes over to watch one. Betty and Marc continue to bounce ideas off each other. Betty suggests using the planetarium, and Marc thinks they could use the laser light show, but with someone current instead of '70s. But they can still style their current music star with '70s Glam Rock. Betty is inspired and starts making stuff up: "The article could be about how we search to be connected in this vast universe, and music unites us." Marc thinks it sounds good, albeit incomprehensible. Betty starts working on the logistics, and Marc starts working the phones, claiming that he's only "five degrees of gay separation" from anyone. On the couch, Amanda and Matt are in hysterics, which makes Marc worried about Matt's investment in the project. But Matt says he knows someone at the planetarium, so Marc is mollified. Betty wants to talk specifics, but Matt and Amanda have to finish watching the Dramatic Gopher first.

Mode offices. Both Betty and Marc are hard at work on their extracurricular project instead of their jobs. Betty calls Marc to report that she's got James Boyd (or someone whose name sounds similar to that) for the photographer and her father to do the catering. Marc can get the New York Hall of Science, because they haven't heard from Matt to confirm the planetarium, but before Betty can start protesting, Marc has to take a call from Amanda. Amanda starts her calls with "Heeeeeeeeee-ey," it turns out. Amanda wants to play the game where they leave Betty on hold forever, but Marc hangs up on her and goes back to Betty. Marc doesn't think they can count on Matt. They've got only four days to do this. Betty is interrupted with a call, but it's just Amanda and her "Heeeeeeeeee-ey" again. Amanda's boredom will not be relieved, because Betty hangs up on her and goes back to defending Matt. Upshot: Betty thinks Matt's invested in this, but Marc wants to throw Matt out of the group, the way the Fine Dining/Automobiles group did with one of their slackers.

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Ugly Betty




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