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Daniel's office. He's telling his mother he can't decide on a ring to give Molly, because it should be expensive but not showy. Meaningful music plays as Claire gives her ring to Daniel, saying "When the time is right, you give that to Molly." Daniel walks out onto an amazing balcony I don't think I've ever noticed before and proposes to Molly while Betty (who walked into the office a second ago) and Claire watch. Daniel and Molly kiss.

Queens. Hilda is gushing about how romantic it is: "Now when Molly is losing her hair, Daniel has no choice but to stay by her side." That's a weird line, but I'm going to chalk it up to Hilda being a salon owner and consequently seeing the world in terms of hair. Ignacio comes home and is sad about Elena's possible departure for Chula Vista. Betty thinks he should give Elena a reason to stay. Justin quotes that noted social scientist Beyonce: "If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it." He, Hilda and Betty all do the hand gesture at the same time, which I enjoy. Ignacio points out that they didn't like Elena before, but now everyone thinks they should get married. Everyone is happy.

The Manhattan apartment. Marc is excited because "Ohmygod, you are not gonna believe it. Two-time Grammy Award winning English songbird Adele agreed to do our shoot!" Sadly, even with that detailed introduction, I still don't know who Adele is. But that's more a description of me and my listening habits than Adele, who I am assured is an actual singer, and one who many people enjoy. Betty is giddy as well. Marc describes the way he got her, which involves a chain of people and the phrases "cardio-strip class," "a mall elf with David Sedaris," "Kevin Bacon" and "Rachel Maddow". Matt takes this moment to mention that he couldn't actually get the planetarium, and Marc threatens him. Then he calls for a "sidebar", which turns out to mean that he and Betty will be standing in the bathtub that's in the middle of the kitchen and pulling the shower curtain around them.

Marc: "It is too late. Lives are at stake. We are voting him off the island. He is the weakest link. Auf Wiedersehen! That's it! G'bye! He's fired!" Matt points out that he can hear them, but Marc was doing that on purpose. Betty doesn't want to fire Matt, so she starts talking about how it's really important to her and Marc, but Matt just doesn't seem to care. Matt tells her she's right and leaves. What a jerk.

Betty chases after Matt in the hallway, and he says that he's "losing his passion for publishing." He wants to leave Y.E.T.I., because he's been feeling drawn to art. Get it? Drawn? Art? Oh, never mind. the point is, he wants to become an oil painter. Betty thinks this is kind of sudden, but Matt thinks maybe he just got on the wrong path and should start taking night classes. Betty claims to support him 100%, which he appreciates, because his family doesn't always support him.

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