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And Tacos Are Coming!

Mode offices. Betty is talking to Daniel about how weird this is. Daniel figures that publishing isn't the only thing she likes about him, and that he'll be the same guy. So Betty shrugs off the sudden personality change. Marc cuts in to tell Betty that the New York Hall of Science has shut down his advances, leaving them with no venue for the photo shoot. Betty is concerned: "What are we gonna do? We can't just paint stars in your apartment and call it the planetarium. I mean, this is Adele. Not Amy Winehouse." That's funny, I guess, but at least I've heard of Amy Winehouse.

Just then, as Marc is deciding to kill himself, Betty gets a call from the planetarium. They're in! They get ready to go sign the papers, but Wili's having some kind of fit, so Marc decides to stay.

Wilhelmina and Claire are shouting at each other about a pink wedding dress. Wili thinks the model looks like a baboon's ass. When Claire tells the model that Wili didn't mean it, Wili tells her, "Don't talk to the props. Amateur." Marc tries to give Claire a scone to calm things down, but won't let the model have one. The insults get harsher until Claire tells Wili that it's no wonder she wants brides in black dresses because she killed her groom at the altar. A gaggle of extras is appalled, and Marc hustles them out of the line of fire while Wili and Claire are playing tug-of-war with the model.

Daniel and Molly are sitting with a wedding planner, who recommends that Daniel give her anything she wants. Molly wants a wedding outside on the beach in Bora Bora with tacos and margaritas and a band with everyone dancing. The planner thinks this is all fine, but claims a wedding like this will take eight or nine months to organize. Daniel wants it done faster, and damn the expense! This is where I think he's being a little insensitive to his loyal assistant, who has saved his bacon (not to mention his company) several times and just wants to be an editor. No money for you, Betty, but I'm going to go have a massive wedding in Bora Bora?

New set: the Planetarium. Or so I assume from all the orbs hanging from the ceiling. Betty walks through the big, weird room and I wonder why they don't have an office or something. Then Christina Baranski (Matt's mother, who hated Betty last time they met) enters dramatically, to the sound of Also Sprach Zarathustra. If it's good enough for Ric Flair, it's good enough for Ugly Betty. Come to think of it, when Amanda was watching YouTube videos on the couch, she was using a big, fuzzy blanket that could well have been one of Flair's robes.

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