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Rome If You Want To

Fashion TV has some breaking news about Daniel's French bastard son, of course. How did Daniel celebrate, Suzuki St. Pierre asks? By partying with some models to promote the Mode/Elle softball game. Meanwhile, little orphan Danny wandered through the streets of Manhattan and scoured dumpsters for food. He's a freegan! Claire and Daniel watch, and Claire says that D.J. has Daniel's jawline. She's thrilled to have a grandson. Daniel insists that Junior isn't his. Alexis comes in with the news that the Madeleine has pulled out due to Daniel's child-abandoning ways. Alexis suggests some damage control that involves Daniel taking a leave of absence. Daniel points out that when Mode lost all kinds of advertisers because Alexis got transtastic, he stood by her. They almost lost the magazine, he says. Alexis tells him that she's learning from his mistakes. She's a cold-hearted snake, look into her eyes!

Back at Casa de Suarez, Ignacio irons furiously. He and Hilda discuss Betty. Hilda thinks Ignacio is just afraid of losing her. She knows what it's like to find love, she says, and when it comes along, you have to seize the opportunity. She gets sad for a moment. Ignacio asks if she's okay, and she says she is. She's heading off to seize her own opportunity.

Betty rushes into Daniel's office to ask about his leave of absence. He says it means nothing. It's just a couple of weeks, and it's a good time for Betty to take a vacation. Betty points out that it's going to be a couple of weeks before the paternity results are back. As it turns out, Daniel doesn't need them. He has a letter that Lucy wrote to Daniel Junior before she died. She wanted him to know who his father is, and to come and find Daniel if anything happened to her. Junior is his. Daniel asks what he's going to do. Betty tells him that he can be there for his son. He just lost his mom, so needs Daniel now more than ever. Daniel thanks her, and then gives her an amazing present -- two first class tickets to Rome for her and Gio, along with an all-expenses paid stay at five star hotels. Betty collapses on Daniel's couch, and explains the Henry situation. She doesn't know what to do, and Daniel isn't really in the business of relationship advice. But she wants it anyway, because he's her friend. Daniel tells her to go to Rome. She asks if this is because she shouldn't be with Henry. It isn't. It's because Daniel couldn't imagine being at Mode without her. Awww. He asks what she's going to do. She's going to do what she always does -- hem and haw and take up time until the episode is over and we are left without answers! Betty takes a deep breath, and we head to commercials.

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