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When we return, it's time for the Mode/Elle charity softball game! Who will Naomi Campbell smash in the head with a baseball bat this year? I kind of hope it's Daniel. Just for kicks. Daniel has brought Daniel Junior, and Betty says hello to them until she spies Gio and rushes off. Junior watches Marc cheer, and says that he's very funny. He calls him by name, and Daniel wonders how Junior knows Marc. Oh, put it together, dumb-ass.

The game commences with a cheer from Amanda and Marc featuring the line, "You're Elle, you smell, your team can go to hell!" They want to get higher by jumping on something or somebody, and Betty seems a likely candidate. She tells them that jumping on people is rude, and then runs smack into Gio. He notes that she's been avoiding him. She tries to deny it, to no avail. He says that if she doesn't want to go to Rome with him, she should just tell him. She starts to say that she does want to go with him, but... and then Henry shows up in uniform. There is a little tension, and then Gio blurts out the fact that he thought playing together on the team would be a fun thing for him and Betty to do before they go to Rome. Henry is a bit surprised to hear about this whole Rome thing, and notes that he just asked Betty to marry him. Gio is a little surprised to hear about THIS recent development, too, and for a moment Betty's heart pounds and everything is in slow-mo. But then it's time for the players to take the field! Saved by the first inning.

Actually, there is a bit of a delay. Daniel is supposed to be pitching, but is not on the mound. Turns out he's confronting Wili about how she had Junior pick through the trash, then leaked the footage to the press. Well, duh. Daniel warns Wili to stop trying to push him out. She tells him that it's a done deal -- Alexis already pushed him out. Daniel says that this isn't true. Alexis just asked him to keep a low profile until they got the Madeleine de B. account back. Wili says that he must not know. He's not low profile, he's no profile. He's no longer editor-in-chief of Mode -- Wili is. Well, for once somebody made a sound business decision. As the softball announcer asks who's pitching, Wilhelmina takes the mound. Turns out she was secretly a dyke in college, because that bitch can work the underhand wind-up. She strikes out her first victim, who says he was distracted by how fat she looks in white. Wilhelmina is unperturbed, possibly because she could be Jodie Foster's next homewrecking lover, and that's an exciting development.

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