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It is at this moment that she comes to on the baseball field. Everyone is standing around her, and Naomi asks if she's all right. Betty says that she knows what to do. We cut to Hilda, holding the necklace that the coach gave her and looking sad. Then we head to Mode where everyone is celebrating their victory in the softball game and Wili is being especially feted. Claire looks on sadly and glares at Alexis, who maybe feels a little guilty. Daniel, meanwhile, packs up his office with Junior at his side. Kid, you have an unemployed father wearing a leather blazer. Get used to it. Cut to Betty, looking at the photo taken at the community pool. She zips up her suitcase. But where is she going? Oooh! And then Hilda approaches a shirtless Coach Diaz, who is on the basketball court. They kiss. Ooh, girl, you are entering the Land of the Homewreckers, which is populated with a disproportionate amount of nannies. Beware. Back to Daniel, who glares at Wilhelmina, holding her giant trophy. And then back to Betty, still rocking to Madonna, hugging Ignacio and Justin goodbye. She opens the door where a cab awaits. We pan back to see a view of New York City, with a plane flying overhead. Bitches!!!! There is nothing that fills me with such fury as a cliffhanger. As you might imagine, May is a very difficult time for me.

Thank you all for reading, and have a great summer filled with love triangles and softball games and all the Naomi Campbell run-ins your little hearts desire!

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