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The show starts with Betty carrying a big stack of boxes into her home in Queens. Naturally, she promptly falls down and drops everything, including some CGI packing peanuts. It's good to get that out of the way early in the show, I guess. Now we won't be spending all our time biting our fingernails and worrying about when she's going to fall down. It's hard for me to type and bite my fingernails at the same time.

When Betty opens her eyes and we're done with the title screen, her family is looking down at her with worry. There's Hilda and Justin and Ignacio and Dr. Gloria from Oz (or, as some may know her, Detective LaGuerta from Dexter). Except now she's Nurse Elena from Ugly Betty. Nurse Elena will be taking care of Ignacio, which raises some questions about why Betty needed to move back to Queens. Betty apparently can't move out until she gets Amanda a roommate, even though Betty used to pay for that apartment herself. After Betty leaves, Ignacio tells Elena he doesn't need any help, and that the twenty pill bottles and oxygen tanks are just for show. Because Queens is boring, we will be spending as little time as possible here. Back to Manhattan, driver, with all haste!

Daniel is at a coffee stand with Molly in the glamorous city of Manhattan. After he buys a coffee, he throws his seven cents change in the garbage can. His excuse is that he "hates pennies", but my guess is that the barista (are they called baristas in New York?) wouldn't have minded the microscopic tip. But hey, you go ahead and fling actual money into the trash. Molly does object a little bit, but only to the extent of nicknaming him "Rich Jerk", or "R.J." for short. They quickly dispense with the topic in favor of recapping the current situation: Daniel knows that Connor is dating Wilhelmina, but they don't know he knows, and Molly is okay with that. They agree that Daniel should tell Connor they're going out before he sees that picture of them on Page Six.

Speaking of Connor (who is looking at the picture in question), he and Wilhelmina are having a tender scene at Wili's home, but then Connor sneaks out to work on a budget meeting. And people said this season had gotten boring! Come on, people! Budget meetings are awesome! Especially ones that take place offscreen. So Wili's reservation, which was made by Graydon, is wasted.

In the Manhattan apartment, Amanda and Betty interview potential roommates. The first one has a mouth full of chips and moves around a lot, the second one smiles a lot, and none of them get any lines, except for this Megan Mulallyish woman. Amanda likes everyone, but Betty rejects everyone because she's subletting the apartment is worried about having someone who will pay the rent. They're the original odd couple! Betty claims that she'll miss the apartment and the life she thought she was going to have, and then that guy across the hallway starts in with the guitar. Hey, jerk! Don't sit in the hallway playing your strummy tunes. It's rude. I should admit that Betty and Amanda don't see it quite that way. In fact, they're all swoony and Amanda bullies Betty into going over to talk to him. My theory on Amanda is that she loves gossip over almost anything else, even feeling superior to people. So her motivation here is to get Betty involved in something so that she has something to talk about.

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