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Jesse is wearing a flannel shirt, which I mention just because I'm starting to think that between that and the coffee scene, this is a Seattle-themed show. He's in the hallway because he repainted his kitchen after a grease fire. Jesse is sad that Betty's leaving and suggests a farewell drink at her place.

Jesse and Betty are having some wine and reminiscing about That Night on the Roof. He cuts off her stammering apologies (good!) to play a strummy alt-song called "Awkward Night" (bad!). Then he's interrupted (good!) by his cellphone (bad!), which has his own song as a ringtone (wait, what? Who does that?). He sends the call to voicemail, there's more talking, and they kiss. Betty seems surprised and unsure what this means. But she's kind of always like that, so it might not mean anything. Then they kiss again.

After some commercials, Betty is awoken on the couch by a tongue in her face, but it's Amanda's dog. Amanda is fascinated and possibly a little scandalized by the idea of Betty getting drunk and making out with someone and demands details. Sadly, Betty has no details to give. Not because she doesn't remember what happened, but because he left after she said she had to get up early for work. Amanda starts to grill her, pointing out that "You had the kind of date any fourth grader would die for," then decides she needs some help with the interrogation. Cut to:

The Mode offices. Amanda explains, "I couldn't find a male point of view, but I did find Marc." Betty's "Oh!" sounds really enthusiastic, like she's excited that Marc will be involved in this. Marc asks where Jesse kissed her, and has to take a moment to verify that "on my couch" is not a euphemism for anything. Amanda verifies that Jesse did intend to kiss her and wasn't just grazing on some unattended Chin Guacamole. Marc doesn't believe Betty wasn't eating, and Amanda insists on recreating the scene.

Amanda is unable to convince Betty to sit on her lap. It doesn't help that she calls herself "Daddy". So Marc takes Betty's place on Amanda-Jesse's lap. Then Marc and Amanda start making out, ignoring Betty's protests that she wasn't even on Jesse's lap. And they keep on making out while Betty looks uncomfortable. So do I. What the hell, people? Anyway Amanda and Marc are of the opinion that either Jesse likes her or he was drunk. Ta!

Quick! Back to Queens to check out Ignacio. Elena won't let him take a nap and insists on taking him for a walk. Ignacio objects, and Hilda helps insist. The rest of the family comes along. The end. Back to Manhattan!

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