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Daniel tells Betty that a drunken kiss means nothing because men are dogs, but Betty thinks Jesse might be a nice guy. Betty resolves to ask him what's going on. Meanwhile, Daniel has received a shirt from Molly that says "Rich Jerk" on it. That would be a fun shirt to wear around town, but I think Daniel doesn't really need it. People can get the message without being hit over the head with a custom-printed T-shirt. He likes it anyway and wants to send Molly flowers, but not ones that will reinforce the "rich" part. But it seems to me that if he goes too cheap, he'll be underlining the "jerk" angle. The point is that he tells Betty to get some cheapish flowers for Molly. This, believe it or not, is a key plot point, so I hope you're paying attention.

Connor is roaming the halls of Mode. He arranges to go work out with Daniel after work, and then promptly uses that as an excuse not to go out with Wili. Wili tells Marc to "cancel whatever parade you're going to" and sets him on the task of finding out what the deal is with Connor not spending every minute with her.

In the boxing gym (FISTICUFFS, not the one from the first season called GYM), Daniel is holding up those flat leather things while Connor hits them with boxing gloves on. You know the things I mean; television shows frequently use them to have one character (Connor) display physical aggression toward someone else (Daniel). Connor has seen the picture of Molly at St. Bart's, but doesn't know whose hand she's holding. He would be royally pissed off if she was dating someone before they broke up, you know. Daniel suggests drinks, but Connor wants to check something on the way.

Betty and Amanda are outside Jesse's apartment. Amanda is wearing a silly outfit and runs away to eavesdrop. Jesse doesn't answer the door and then Betty's call goes to voicemail even though she can hear it ringing in the apartment. She's shocked! And appalled! She goes back to her own apartment and Amanda doesn't appear to have been eavesdropping at all. Betty moans a bit about how she really thought Jesse blah blah blah. Suddenly! In Betty's Jesse-related fugue, she realizes she forgot to send Daniel's flowers, reminded by Amanda's weird line about tapping phones. It's too late to have them delivered, so she runs off to bring them herself. And the plot rumbles along.

Connor pulls up to Molly's place with Daniel in the car. Connor's plan is to stake the place out and find out who Molly's been seeing. Daniel is uncomfortable with this plan, but goes along with it because that's what it says in the script. Daniel smoothly convinces Connor to tell him that he's seeing Wilhelmina, but that doesn't affect the plans. In another car, Wilhelmina and Marc are watching them through what look like fancy night-vision binoculars. Wili is angry that Connor would rather hang out with Daniel than her, but Marc is more annoyed that it's so easy to spy on them. They're parked right under a streetlight, for God's sake. Where's the sport in that? Anyway, Wili and Marc don't know what Connor and Daniel are doing aside from parking by the side of the street.

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