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Back at Mode, Daniel is looking fondly at giant pictures of himself and Molly on his laptop when Connor walks in. That's what happens when your offices have giant round holes in the wall instead of doors. Connor thanks him for talking sense to him and drops his eyes. Then he suggests hitting the gym again.

Jesse is playing a strummy alt-song in a coffee shop while bored mohawked people wish fervently they could find someplace with good biscotti and no live music. See, I told you this was about Seattle. Betty stomps up to him and orders him to talk to her instead of finishing his song. That seems kind of rude to me, but none of the six people in the place seem to be listening to him. Still, there's a fine line between "assertive" and "whatever Betty did there", and I think she's firmly on the "whatever Betty did there" side of things. Jesse confesses to being a tool and a horrible, terrible person, which immediately locks Betty into reassuring him and telling he's a good person. Sheesh. He asks her out on a date that night at the coffee shop they're in and then starts playing his guitar along with his request. She agrees, apparently having completely forgotten how much she hated him two minutes ago.

At the apartment, Amanda tells Betty, "Do not order anything over fifty dollars or you have to do anything Jesse says. It used to be more, but we are in a recession." Timely! Marc, who is there for some reason, wants to know what's going on with the roommate search. Then they make fun of her date clothes.

Queens! Ignacio and Elena have a showdown. He's mad that he doesn't get to eat whatever he wants and lie around all day just because he had a heart attack brought on by eating whatever he wants and lying around all day. The Telenovela music ramps up as she tells him his family loves him and that he almost died and so on. She leaves for the night. End of Queens!

Betty and Jesse are on their date in the coffee shop. Jesse wants Betty to try the meatloaf, which should be safe. You'd have to order a few hundred pounds to make fifty bucks worth at this place. Jesse starts blathering about his band and not letting Betty get a word in edgewise, which is pretty much how it goes when you're with a musician.

Connor and Daniel are sparring at FISTICUFFS. Connor punches Daniel in his face a few times, including once when Daniel has taken his headguard off. It seems that Connor saw the "Rich Jerk" shirt when he cast his eyes downward five paragraphs ago and figured out who "R.J." was. But it looks like he's satisfied after punching Daniel and looking disappointed in him. Okay, so that's the end of that subplot, right? Connor isn't dating Molly or Wilhelmina, and Daniel and Molly aren't hiding from anyone. So we can all get on with our lives. Incidentally, isn't this sort of behavior frowned upon at most gyms?

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