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At the coffee shop (where Betty hasn't eaten any of her meatloaf) Jesse is still talking about this time his fly was open and segues into a song which, no lie, starts like this:

"Headache, heartache, depression, rejection..."

Betty retreats into a fantasy world, which is really the only thing you can do when you're confronted with that sort of thing. In the dream world, Jesse is in a cheesy music video singing a song that appears to be called "Me me me". When Betty comes back to reality (or as close as this show gets, har har), Jesse's actual song ends with the line "If there's one thing I can count on, it's me." Betty cringes and applauds a little. Jesse tells her she's a really good listener and is great for him. Betty says that it's fine that he used her to make himself feel better because she was just using him to try to fulfill her own fantasy and gets the hell out of there.

At Mode, Daniel has a black eye and Betty gets him some ice from a big glass bucket that's not in any kind of a freezer. They just look like glass balls, and I don't see how they'd stay cold. Connor walks in to make sure the budget meeting is still on for that night. This guy sure likes budget meetings! Anyway, Connor claims that the two of them have no outstanding issues, which seems weird. That's no way to run a telenovela. You have to brood and plot and glare. Just punching people in the face and moving on is suspiciously straightforward. I love that the most mature thing anyone's done on this show involved physical violence.

In Wili's office, where Wilhelmina is wearing a completely ridiculous outfit that only works because it's on Vanessa Williams, Connor claims that he's 100% committed to being with her. He's putting Molly completely out of his mind. He even offers to beg, which appears to be the thing that convinces Wilhelmina that they should have dinner that night. Hey, what about the budget meeting? Everyone knows that if you mention a budget meeting in the first act, you have to have one in the third act. I think Chekhov said that.

Elena arrives at the Suarez residence in the morning and is greeting by Ignacio and a no-butter, no-salt, no-yolk omelet. He thanks her for her honesty. I guess now she'll have to eat that thing now. And that's pretty much the end of Ignacio being cranky toward his nurse, I guess.

In the Manhattan apartment Betty says goodbye to Amanda, who gives her a big hug. Amanda says she'll miss her, and appears to be somewhat sincere. But Betty has a roommate for Amanda: it's Marc! Oh boy! Amanda is thrilled! Marc is thrilled! I'm pretty happy myself, because say what you will about these two, at least they've got some energy. Unlike Betty, who mopes out the door to some piano-based sad music. I'd watch a show that was just about Amanda and Marc.

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