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Odor In The Court

Soon enough, Betty is typing like a maniac. Henry appears behind her, instantly made horny by her perfume. She continues typing maniacally, noting that she has so much energy, and grabs some estimates for Daniels signature. She says she'll get them back to Henry tomorrow, and he tells her to give them to Kenny, because he's going to be out of the office -- he has "that thing" in Tucson. "That thing" is Charlie's sonogram. Betty maniacally gives him a care package, then maniacally hugs him. He gives her neck a big sniff and says that she has to keep wearing that perfume. It seems like it's made with the same ingredients as Daniel's sex-addict pills.

At the court coffee bar, Daniel notes that their judge at least seems sympathetic, and tells Alexis that she did a great job humanizing Claire. As the barista asks if anyone can break a $20, Daniel heads up to give change. Turns out the customer in question is their judge, and as he hands over the small bills, a ton of paparazzi start snapping. We cut to Fashion TV, where we learn Daniel was accused of trying to bribe Judge Heller. She recused herself from the case immediately. Betty watches, scratches her neck, then sprays some more of her pretty perfume and spins into crazy land like she's in Saturday Night Fever. Gio comes in with some sandwich deliveries, and Betty gives him a reeeeallly long hug. She tells Gio that one of the sandwiches is for Henry's care package and announces that he's going to Tucson for the sonogram. She is also in raptures about the sandwich, which she says tastes like purple. Gio plants some seeds about Henry's visit to Charlie, saying that it's not like he can get her pregnant again. Betty says Henry would never cheat on her, and Gio agrees that it's not "Eggy's" style. Betty replies that his name isn't "Eggy," it's "Egg Salad," then cracks herself up. As they gaze at each other, Betty says she's sweating, and Gio tells her that she smells really good.

Back at court, Daniel has to explain to Claire and her lawyer what happened with the so-called bribery. Her lawyer notes that it's all right -- he's never lost a case and isn't about to start now. Well, he actually lost one. As the new judge comes in, her lawyer says, "Uh-oh." Turns out she was the judge on the one case that he lost. And her name is Judge Nancy Biotch. The poisoned perfume is starting to look pretty good right now.

At Mode Betty grills Henry about where he's sleeping on his trip before saying that she doesn't care, and he can sleep with whoever he wants. When he says he would never, she grabs his tie and says darn right. She wants him to call tonight, but to use the Batphone. She then accosts some models in Pucci print. Henry notes that Betty is sweating and acting hyper and asks if she's okay. She says she's great, because she has the best, most loyal boyfriend in the whole world. She gives him a huge smooch as the elevator door opens, and he asks for his care package. "I've got your care package right here," she yells, and gives him the leg-wraparound jump in front of the rest of the elevator passengers. When Christina notes that Betty went from flirty to dirty, Betty licks her. Is it wrong that I love poison-brain Betty?

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