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Previously on Ugly Betty: Betty got all judge-y when Christina confessed that she's been doing favors for Wilhelmina in return for the opportunity to get into Mode's fashion week show. Alex Meade came back from the dead and with an extra "x" chromosome to boot, much to Bradford's chagrin. Wilhelmina learned that the path to Bradford's heart -- and hopefully to becoming editor-in-chief of Mode -- was paved with pumice stones. Daniel told Betty that she needed to punch out and stop watching him off the clock. This was a decision he'd come to regret when he accidentally slept with a sixteen-year-old model whose mother then blackmailed him for a cover shoot. How in the world will he get out of this statutory scrape?

It is early morning at the Suarez house. We are in Betty's bedroom, and we see a pair of hands grasping onto the window ledge from outside. Oh, great, now Betty's going to get abducted. Hasn't she been through enough already? No, actually it's Hilda, and she hoists herself through the window and lands on a sleeping Betty. Betty jumps up with a start, and we get to see her headgear and curlers, and she screams. Hilda asks Betty what she's doing there, and Betty is like, duh, I live here, you ho. She asks what Hilda's doing climbing through her window like she's in high school. Hilda explains that she was out again last night -- with Santos! She doesn't want to tell Ignacio or Justin yet, because she's not sure if it's just "I love you" or "I love you naked." In the best of all possible worlds, it would be both.

Hilda asks why Betty isn't at work. Betty says that she's calling in sick and hides under the covers. Hilda sarcastically asks if she's still mad at everybody there. Betty asks why she wouldn't be. Christina's her best friend, and Betty confided things in her that she went and told Wilhelmina. Daniel told her to butt out of his life, and that she's just his secretary. And I bet he doesn't even get her a nice three-in-one basket plant on Secretary's Day, either. And then there's Henry. Hilda asks what he did, and Betty says nothing, but he has a girlfriend. And that's just the cherry on the sundae. Hilda asks kindly if Betty would like a sundae. Betty nods, and Hilda says tough, because it's Monday and she should go to work and be an adult. A job, Hilda says, is about making money, not friends. Hey, just like a reality show! Hilda says that a job is also about stealing office supplies, then reminds Betty that they're out of coffee filters. Seriously, if I didn't have a job, I would never be able to staple anything.

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