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Daniel hangs up and runs out to ask Betty who the heck that was on the phone, but her insane new look stops him short. " you," he stutters. She smiles. This is sad, and yet insane. Has she no eyes? Has she no mirrors? Has she no ability to read a room? Daniel, totally gobsmacked, asks Betty to see whether they can get a table "in the back" of Madison 6. For, um, privacy. Betty cheerfully agrees, and Daniel goes back to his office, where he peeks out at Betty through the doorjamb. Her shirt? Has but one sleeve. You know, if Christina had helped her, none of this would have happened.

Marc comes flying into Wilhelmina's office. "Have you seen her yet?" he asks breathlessly. Wilhelmina -- who I shall be asking to fill in for me at Go Fug Yourself the next time I go on vacation -- dryly retorts as she absently straightening her awards that it looks as if Queens threw up. "He should be quite impressed," Marc assures Wilhelmina when he notices this moment of OCD with the awards, and then promptly admires her new hair. He is a very good assistant.

Staff meeting time! In the conference room, Betty is standing up front, helping Daniel to present his ideas for the redesign to the rest of the editorial staff. From the mock-up, it looks as though Daniel would like to transform Mode into Blush, the terrible magazine in Just Shoot Me!. But no one is looking at Daniel's new cover ideas, because everyone is staring at Betty. Daniel just keeps yapping -- including wondering whether they really need "another editorial on eating disorders," which prompts a very skinny girl to race out of the room -- and everyone else just keeps staring. Bradford, at least, appears to be paying attention, because when Daniel mentions Vincent Bianchi, Bradford wonders why Daniel's even trying on that front. Daniel says that he thinks Betty might be able to talk Vincent into working with them. As for Wilhelmina, she's not impressed. She gets up and stands next to Betty to tell the entire room that "sometimes change is a positive thing, and sometimes it can spin out of control." She is clearly talking about Betty as she notes that sometimes you end up with "bold new colors and a daring new look," but you haven't improved on a thing. People snicker. Betty looks wounded. Daniel warningly says Wilhelmina's name, and she brightly retorts that she's only saying that "sometimes change isn't for the better. Sometimes it can make a bad situation worse." Which is not at all nice of her. Although it is true. But I'm also the bitch who called Renée Zellweger "Squinty McBulimiaface" last week, so I am clearly a monster. I would not, however, call her that in a meeting. I do my trash talking behind people's backs, like a normal person. Anyway. Poor Betty just stands there and smiles bravely at Daniel as we go to commercial. That was very, very uncalled for on Wilhelmina's part, although it's not surprising that she doesn't pick on people her own size. Nevertheless, she's an asshole.

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