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Whereas Wilhelmina looks sad and cute, in her own cute office. She goes from "sad" to "enraged" when she reads the email about Vincent Bianchi. She pushes away from her desk and starts tearing shit up -- throwing things on the floor, breaking her awards, stomping her feet, the whole nine yards. Marc gently tiptoes in there and glides out with the flowers, saving them from certain destruction. Bless him.

But at the Suarez house, life is good. Betty is home in time for dinner. She tells her dad that they landed Vincent Bianchi for a big shoot. "That's a big deal? I could have gotten you that kid," Papa Suarez says. Betty grins and tells him it is a big deal, and her dad hugs her and tells her he's proud of her. Over his shoulder, Betty watches Hilda watching them, and tells Papa that if not for Hilda's makeover, none of it would have happened. Papa reaches out his other arm, and it's like a big Suarez sandwich. Then Betty goes off to play Dance Dance Revolution with Justin and it's...okay, it's really rather adorable. Dammit. I think my cold heart might be melting a little bit.

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Ugly Betty




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