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Okay, I am not really sure what's happening this week's telenovela, but suffice it to say, it involves some hoochie baring her abs, a soccer player caressing his ball, and a maid frantically giving a handjob to a candlestick. It's still quite amusing, but I have absolutely no idea what could possible be going on. I suspect that the maid is in love with the soccer player, and the hoochie is stealing him away from her. Anyway, Papa Suarez watches all this handjobbery with great interest, drinking his coffee, until Betty comes down and takes his mug away from him. She scolds him about drinking too much coffee when he's got a heart condition. Blah blah HMO blah, let's get to the makeover.

Cut to Mode, where Bradford strolls into see Wilhelmina, and Evil Marc eavesdrops, as is his wont. Wilhelmina tells Bradford in great detail all the hard work she's done already, and it's not even 9:30 AM. Bradford is impressed. "Daniel is trying, but some people are just naturals. Don't worry, I've got his back," Wilhelmina lies. Bradford has the smarts to look doubtful, and walks off. Wilhelmina holds up a warning "don't even say it" hand to Evil Marc, and he gets back to work. Or, as I suspect, to reading gossip blogs and IMing people.

Amanda and Betty meet in the elevator. Betty is holding a giant box of magazines. "Don't you look...sweaty," Amanda offers. Betty explains that she was holed up in the archives, fetching back issues. Amanda says that she missed Betty at the party last night: "What happened? Sale at the 99 Cent store?" I actually don't think this comment is bitchiness on Amanda's part. Wait, rewind: the comment about the 99 Cent store was definitely bitchiness, but as far as wondering where Betty was during the party, I suspect that Amanda never even saw Betty trying to get inside. Instead of lying and saying that she had a hot date, Betty stupidly admits that she couldn't get in. Sigh. What are we going to do with her? Amanda: "Are you serious? Oh, you poor thing. Those jerks at the door. All they seem to care about is appearance." With this, she dramatically sweeps out of the elevator. But here's the thing, and this opinion may not be popular: Betty IS working at a business that is based on appearance. And she is -- at least partially willfully, judging from her conversation with Hilda -- working the I Don't Care How I Look frumpy thing. Which is fine: a lot of people don't care about clothes, and are still totally smart, lovely people who are good at their jobs and deserve happiness and love. However, when you're working somewhere that's based on judging others, and you're working the I Don't Care How I Look frumpy thing, you can't be surprised when they judge you for not caring how you look. And while I really like Betty and want good things for her, I must admit that one of those good things I want for her is a prettier handbag. I also get that the "ugly" part is, you know, in the title, so I need to suck it up and accept that she's just never going to wear decent shoes, but her frumptastic look is starting to make my eyes hurt. She's like a messy room I am just dying to pick up.

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