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Betty walks into the meeting room and discovers that Daniel has put together a big, ridiculous proposal for his meeting with Cal Hartley. Betty tries to stop him, but people in television shows never listen when they hear "Listen, before you start, there's something important I have to tell you." Because that's not what the plot says is supposed to happen next. So Daniel shows Betty his video proposal, which looks just like Cal Hartley's bio that Betty was watching earlier. It's even got the same voiceover guy, who I guess they hired in the middle of the night. Of interest to me is the Meade Publications Timeline. The timeline says that in 1874, Phineas Meade was born, and in 1893, the fashion magazine Mode was first published. I hope we get a flashback episode to the days of Phineas! Anyway, Meade Publications was incorporated in 1923, then in 1971, Bradford Meade took over, and 1999 is labeled "New Meade Headquarters". Really, those are all of your significant moments?

The proposal also contains the other magazines that Meade Publications makes. They are: The Cup (golf), Hudson (a lot like GQ, with "121 pages of cool clothes"), World Class Travel ("Island Getaways"), Player (the guy magazine that Daniel was on at one point), City Word (no idea), Psychology Now, and Adventure Time! ("The Insane Jumps Issue"). No Hot Flash? Anyway, Betty can't get a word in edgewise while Daniel babbles happily about how excited he is. Finally she chickens out of telling Daniel the meeting won't happen and slinks away.

Down in The Closet, Christina is telling Betty she's probably going to regret not telling Daniel, sorting shoes, and taking care of baby William. That's a lot to do all at the same time. And it turns out that when you combine a Scottish accent with the "talking to a baby" coo, I can't really understand what you say. I'm pretty sure she mentioned Stuart in there and said that the treatment is helping. Betty says that as long as she can keep Matt and Daniel from seeing each other, she'll have time to think of something. And you wouldn't think that would be hard, since I don't think they've ever had a scene together, but just then! Betty's phone rings, and it's Matt, who wants to take Betty out to lunch to make up for saying Daniel can't meet his father. Oh, and he's wandering through the Mode offices to her desk.

Hijincks ensue. Betty tells Matt to wander aimlessly through the hallways and rushes over to Daniel to send him to the elevators. She shrieks "hot!" and "cold!" into her phone as the music gets strenuously excited, and it's all pretty pointless if you ask me. At one point, there's a Bionic Woman sound effect as Betty brings Daniel his briefcase. So if you like that sort of thing, there you go. With Daniel safely tucked into the elevator, Betty's free to hug Daniel. But! Daniel comes back out of the elevator to tell Betty something and he sees Matt. Naturally, Daniel starts thanking Matt for setting up the meeting, ignoring Betty's attempt to interrupt him. Matt straightforwardly tells Daniel that he didn't set up any meeting. Both Matt and Daniel ask what the deal is, and she tells them she can explain everything, as long as she's allowed to talk to them separately. They actually go along with that. First up: Matt!

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