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Betty tells Matt that she couldn't break Daniel's little heart. Matt, quite rationally, points out that Daniel was going to find out eventually. Hey, this is no time for that kind of logic. This is the Drama Zone. Betty reminds Matt about all that talk about Submarine Thursdays and how he'd do anything for her, but he emphasizes that he doesn't want to combine his life with the whole big-money world of his father. She accepts his word.

Next up, Daniel. Daniel is petulant. Betty tells him that she was hoping that she could convince Matt to change his mind, and Daniel reluctantly accepts this, mentioning in passing that he knows how family can be complicated. And there are always other options, right?

There are no other options, says Wili sternly. So their only hope for keeping the company afloat was to essentially sell a big chunk of it to an outside investor? Or are we talking about a loan of some sort? This isn't the entrepreneurial spirit that I'm assuming Phineas Meade had! Wili goes on about how Mode was read during both World Wars and was burned for heat during the Great Depression and how she has a baby now (she already had a daughter, but she's probably forgotten about her) and will do what it takes to keep things going. So Wili hands over an orange three-ring binder, which turns out to contain Candidates for Termination. It appears to contain pretty much everyone in the company, including Betty, Marc, Amanda, a Photography Director... say, it also contains salary bands (Betty and Marc are both Salary A4, while the Photography Director is B3) and dates of hire! Betty's been here since 28 September 2006 (which was, of course, the date of the first episode), and Marc's been here since... 1 July 2005? Less than a year longer than Betty? Where does he get off with his condescending ways in the first episode? Didn't you think he'd been at the company a lot longer than that?

Sorry. Got distracted. Daniel takes the binder and says that he'll take care of it.

In the cafeteria, Marc swoops down on Christina and claims to have a Sex IQ Quiz. Amanda promptly materializes, claiming that "my Sex IQ is crazy high. I'm like the Einstein of sex." As Marc hints around about when Christina might have had sex last, like maybe in June sometime, Amanda says "June 14th at 3:02 pm. I was in the ladies' room at the U.N. Janosch, he's the delegate from Hungary. And he was. I have a pornographic memory." Marc and Christina try to pretend that didn't happen and then Christina refuses to answer any more nosey questions.

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