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The next thing we see is Daniel, sitting alone on a bench in his bunny suit with a couple of dinosaur skeletons for company. I just got a great idea for a beloved children's story! He looks sad, and Betty sits next to him and apologizes. But everything's okay, because they got the money. The company is saved! For the moment! Everyone's happy, except that Cal's delaying his trip to Siberia. It may or may not be foreshadowing that Daniel tells us that Cal is looking forward to being in the publishing business. See, that's what makes it sound like he's buying part of the company, not just floating them a loan. Anyway, Daniel figures that the bunny suit humiliation was just so Cal could show what a big man he is. "You know, I've made a fool of myself enough times for no reason. I can do it once to save our company." Betty is proud of him.

Wili presents Christina with the lab results, which Christina reads: "It's yours. The baby's yours!" Ah, I see we're continuing the tradition of not referring to young William by his name. Wili tells Christina she'll be getting a new nanny, and Christina is devastated that she doesn't get to hang out with the baby anymore.

End-of-show musical montage! Betty enters the Mode offices. People are replacing the pointless expensive stuff they were taking away earlier. Amanda is back at reception and toasts Betty with her eyes. And with some champagne. All the orange is coming back. Christina looks sadly at Wili's new nanny. There's a bouquet of carrots for Daniel with a note that says "Looking forward to keeping you hopping, Bunny. -- C.H." It looks like Betty has to go through all the same thumbprint rigmarole to sign for it. Daniel cheerfully eats a carrot.

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