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Secretaries Day

The next day, Betty is a hero at the office. She's like John Henry Galliano. A black-eyed Nick runs into her, and he quickly scampers off. Hee! Daniel catches up with Betty. She says that he looks good and notes that therapy suits him. He says he doesn't want to talk about his problems, he wants to talk about hers. Chief among them is the fact that she has a thoughtless boss who didn't realize until he pulled his pants up and PUT IT AWAY that she deserved more than a crappy trophy. He hands her an envelope, which contains first-class tickets for her whole family to go to Guadalajara. Betty tells him that it's too much, but he says that she's always there for other people, and now she has to let him be there for her. He wishes her a happy Administrative Professionals' Day. See, you can remember lots of things when you don't have sex for a morning! Betty gives him a heartfelt hug and thanks him, before running off to call her family. Quite inconveniently, an attractive woman with cleavage bends down at Betty's desk, and Daniel spies her. He pops a pill, and things get really jarring and jiggly. But not in that way. It appears that one out of one psychologists agree that the best way to deal with your problems is by getting wacky on the junk.

Next week: More drama, I'm guessing.

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