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Anyway, maybe Papi's cough is because of something bad, so it's good that she brought him into the office rather than just calling him up on the phone. Or texting, that's probably the next thing Hilda's going to do to show how much more of a fool she is than you already thought. "Inflammation of the pericardium LOL." Wili and Connor come into her office talking about how awesome they are, and she calls Marc a "big gay flagpole" for just standing there when he could be scampering off to get champagne for her, and he leaves, and they say numbers at each other, and get horny, and then they fuck. Because talking about negotiation is sexy. Marc, snagging the champagne, runs into some Germans that Wili's meeting with, who have shown up early. They are humorless and scary and Aryan, and have no time for Marc's mess. He takes them back to Wili's office, sees her boning Connor in there, and tells the Germans that it's an American tradition to circle the building several times. Dumb.

Meanwhile, Betty's talking to Hilda about how maybe something else is going on with Papi but it's probably fine, and Hilda's like, "Don't tell me you're leaving Papi there alone, because I am up to my ears in teenagers right now! I cannot just run off." Creating even more stupid conflict and fakery, because now Betty is going to be all, "I have to stay with my Dad or else something terrible will happen, so I have to make some phone calls!" Amanda calls her and she hangs up on Hilda. "Some guy from a photo lab called and said you messengered your phone bill to him. If he pays it, can I send him our other bills?" Because Amanda still rules, no matter how harsh the rest of the show is sucking. So I guess that she had more than just the two sets of photos, but other things that also needed to be mailed, so everything's going to the wrong place, but most of all the Halston dress photos were supposed to be leaked to Suzuki St. Pierre of Fashion Buzz, but instead they were Daniel's super-secret vacation photos that nobody must see. Amanda gets the impression that Betty is having another heart attack, and she repeats that she never had the first one, it was her Dad, and Amanda is simultaneously caring and oblivious: "I know, Betty, but these things get passed down. They're generic."

Marc tells post-coital Wili that the Germans are gone, and she says he should have stalled them. He says that yes, he tried, but the point is that -- "mince when you walk, not when you talk," this fucking show says -- "the most talented woman in fashion is missing meetings because her head is... elsewhere." Because how on earth could anyone respect a woman with her sexuality intact? Whatever, this is stupid. She doesn't really care about any of this, because that's part of her completely losing the plot because of boys.

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