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Back at the office, Christina holds up a microscopic bikini top meant to appear in the next issue, and notes that, once again, summer isn't going to be kind to the big girls. Betty pays no mind, and instead embarks on an allegory about how sometimes you have a really good yet secret bottle of booze at home, and then even though it's bad for you, all you can think about is going home and drinking and drinking and drinking. For me, this is called "Tuesday." Christina thinks Betty's trying to stage an intervention, so Betty tells her to replace "booze" with "doughnuts." Just then Henry shows up. The two fidget awkwardly, and Christina realizes that Henry is Betty's doughnuts. Light on the dough. Christina thinks that it's crazy, yet hot. If I were a character in this show, I would totally be Christina. Betty complains that they never get to see each other and says, "We haven't even..." And...eek. I just had a picture of glasses clanging. This knowledge is too much for Christina, who offers to be Betty's cover for the night. She tells Betty to take the doughnut and bite it and dunk it into her coffee and get it hot and warm and wet and bite into it again. Okay, maybe I wouldn't be Christina after all.

Meanwhile, Daniel is explaining to Bradford how he lost the Atlantic Attire account because they wanted him to let Alexis go. Bradford can't believe Daniel couldn't think of a way to keep their business, and Alexis says that she has some contacts at Ralph Lauren from her time at Hudson. Daniel meekly says that he has contacts, too, but Bradford tells him that he's done enough, and that Alexis will take care of it. Didn't we go through this last season?

Betty runs into Gio, who hands her a flyer for Gio's Sandwiches. He's rented out the sandwich kiosk in the lobby. Since Betty lit his entrepreneurial fire by getting him fired, he gives her a few coupons, which she accepts with relish. Not literal relish, but now that she's got contacts in the sandwich industry, that might not be too far behind. She thinks the business needs a catchier name, and suggests "On a Roll" or "Hero Worship," complete with a little muscleman sandwich. Gio's all, "Thanks anyway, but I've got a pickle with a smiley face." Oh, I bet he does. Betty runs off to talk to Daniel, who is disheartened from his meeting as well as the fact that he's always the dumb-ass while Alexis saves everything. Alexis and Bradford walk by together, laughing, which seems odd, since she just remembered how he rejected her trans-formation and how she tried to put a hit out on him. Bygones, I guess. Daniel assures Betty that he has a plan to get advertisers. Betty has trouble believing the "plan" part.

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