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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Betty, meanwhile, learns that Wicked is sold out. She starts to talk about her office romance on the phone to the ticket seller, and Daniel catches her. Betty, with her usual panache in lying, says that Daniel has nothing to worry about, because she's not dating Henry. She's dating the first guy in her line of sight, who coincidentally happens to be Gio. Technically, Gio could fit in Henry's pocket, so who's to say she hasn't unwittingly been dating both of them at once? Commercials.

When we return, Wili has more worries. Her chocolate reception favors have been ruined. There was supposed to be one white and one dark chocolate in each box -- to go with the ebony and ivory theme of the wedding, naturally -- but the idiot wedding planner has segregated them. Wili and Marc go through a round of "What do we want? Integrated chocolates! When do we want them? Now!" before Wili asks for the seating chart. Marc, noting how much she's taken on herself, offers to stay for the night and help her get through this, no matter how long it takes. She asks, "You don't have any of plans?" It seems like Betty and Henry have usurped the gay plans for the night, leaving Marc free...but for his date with his frumpy boyfriend. He tells Cliff on the phone that Wili ordered him to stay late, adding, "...She is. With a capital 'c.'" Wili's a member of the Carpenter family? Does her secret past know no limits?

Meanwhile, Henry tries to coerce Betty into looking under the bun of his sandwich. That is not a euphemism. Turns out he put the ad for Wicked in his turkey and swiss, because he got Betty and Gio tickets. He says that Mode has access to house seats, so Amanda can get tickets for just about anything. Betty is so excited that she eats Daniel's sandwich, likely practicing for the big, juicy donut she's planning to have for dessert later.

Back at Casa de Suarez, Justin is his old self, trading collectible Playbills with another neighborhood musical theater geek. A third friend comes in, and tells Justin that his dad saw Hilda at her work today. But not at Bumble and Bumble. Turns out his dad had lunch at a restaurant called High Beams. Justin's friend Hillary tells us, "It's like Hooters, just not as classy." Awesome. The dad took a video of his waitress, who is Hilda. Well, at least she already had a suitable wardrobe for this particular position.

At Mode, Betty ships Daniel off to a meeting with some advertisers before asking if she can have the Wicked tickets. He tells her he gave them to her boyfriend, who seemed quite excited. Just in time, Gio is there to ask Betty if, being her boyfriend at all, he's a gentle lover. Betty correctly says, "Ew," and then explains the situation. Gio taunts her into telling him who her secret lover is, and reveals that he knows Henry as "egg salad on white." That's what she said. And that makes no sense. Gio gives Betty one ticket, but says he's going to hold on to one for himself. Betty gets really mad, insults Gio's pickle, and tells him to suck it. Henry's really going to be looking forward to this date if he learns she's so into dirty talk. Betty nicely asks Amanda to get her tickets to Wicked, and Amanda agrees to do it if Betty walks Halston. For a month. In her bathing suit. And we've seen what the summer styles are like. This is when you just give up and resign yourself to a night starring on Taxicab Confessions. Commercials.

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