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Something Wicked This Way Comes

...and heads out to meet Henry on the street. And then Betty tells Henry that she's sorry, but she doesn't think she can do this. OH JESUS, MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY. I mean, every week! She then adds, "...Not tonight." Oh, maybe she was just talking about boning him for the first time. Very well, then, I guess I overreacted. But they can't keep jerking me around like this. It's frustrating even if it also means that Henry is also jerking himself around out of frustration.

Back at home, Betty talks to Hilda. She admits that tonight was supposed to know, their very first picklefest. Hilda gives her a look, and Betty begs Hilda not to call her stupid, because she can't bear to hear that from her, too. Hilda says no, that Betty is stupid...she only has five months left with Henry and she's wasting it by talking to Hilda. She says that if she were offered one more minute with Santos, she wouldn't pass it up because it would hurt when it was over. Aw, Hilda is a good big sister! I mean, for once, but still. Hilda tells Betty that there's a man who loves her out there, and that she should go, because the clock is ticking. Betty heads out, excited, and notes that they might as well not tell Papi. Hilda says that she's romantic, not crazy.

Justin, meanwhile, grabs Hilda and takes her into the kitchen, saying that he had to tell Ignacio about the job. When she gets there, Ignacio whips the wrapping off of a hair-drying chair. It's for her new salon -- The Sweet Hairafter. Justin even sold some of his Playbills to finance it. Awww. They're going to set her up on the outside porch. Might that not be a seasonal type of business, then? They think it's time Hilda tries being her own boss, and if it doesn't work, she can fire herself. And will, I bet.

Betty, meanwhile, heads to Henry's apartment, still with the Wicked soundtrack playing. Could she not get some sexier music than "Defying Gravity" for the night when she finally consummates her love for Henry? A little Amy Grant, maybe, or the video of Debby Boone with the deaf kids? Maybe it's some weird role-playing thing. Well, at least they're not furries. They kiss, Henry pulls Betty inside, and someone's going to have green smudges all over his naked torso in the morning.

Next week: POSH! POSH! POSH!

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