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Marc and Amanda, loaded down with baby stuff, see a hot guy with a baby. And he shops at Estella. His baby, who is named "Cello", loves the organic cotton onesies. Amanda thinks this is silly, but Marc thinks he is very, very hot. Marc sets up a play date with the guy, whose name is Timothy. Amanda thinks Timothy was rude not to introduce himself to her. Marc: "Cute and rude. I'm in love." Amanda smirks, presumably reflecting on the fact that she, too, is both cute and rude.

When Amanda and Marc return to Mode, Betty ambushes them with a request for the security deposit. No dice. Hilda tries to charge a salon customer $200. Nope. Ignacio is calling someone, but he's on hold. Justin is out on the street, dancing for quarters to "The Money Song" from Cabaret. He does get a few quarters, actually. And he has a pretty good crowd going.

At a governmental panel of some sort, Daniel talks about America. The panel leader asks why they should support something so frivolous as a fashion magazine, and Wili starts talking about art and also the thousands of people the industry employs. They don't seem impressed by the bus-riding. The chairman says they'll reconvene on Thursday to talk numbers.

Betty, Hilda, and Justin are comparing numbers around the kitchen table. Betty says that they're $9,644 short of the $15,000 they need. Justin is annoyed that he's the only one that made any extra money today. Hilda is concerned that he skipped school, but impressed with the $250. Apparently it was a whole One Man Show, not just a song. Ignacio claims from the living room that he has a plan. And on cue, the television announces that the next contestant on Kitchen Rumble will be... Ignacio Suarez!

Come on, at least pretend to be surprised.

After some commercials, we see the process of creating an episode of Kitchen Rumble. There's a high-tech looking shot of Ignacio's head rotating in front of some flames, which is achieved with a bluescreen and a crew member turning a lazy susan. With Ignacio on top of it, I mean. Justin takes Betty's sandwich away because "Camera adds ten. You'll thank me later." Then Justin turns to Betty's New Friend Matt (who I am starting to wonder why everyone calls him that) and complains that his hair doesn't move. Matt wants to know where the Suarezes will live if Ignacio doesn't win, but Betty doesn't want to dwell on the negative. Just then! Frankie Burrata walks in, and there is an Ennio Morricone music sting. "Which one of you is Ignacio Suarez?" asks Frankie. He and Ignacio stand face to face and the tension builds... until Frankie says "C'mere, you persistent old bird!" Yeah, I didn't think Steve Schirripa was going to be playing a mean guy. They chat a little, and Mo Rocca (!) comes over to break things up. I guess this show is live. And the challenge is chicken molé.

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Ugly Betty




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