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Bickering Isn't Going to Solve Anything!

They find Christina, who has Wili's baby . Incidentally, the baby's name is William. Just thought I'd remind you. They want to sign out the baby, which Christina objects to. For a second. Then Amanda confuses her by talking nonsense and Marc claims that this is Wilhelmina's wish. So Christina kisses William and hands him over.

In Queens, Ignacio is disappointed in himself. But then Hilda opens the mail, which includes a Cashier's Check for $10,000. All their problems are mysteriously solved! Hilda runs through the halls of Mode (she can teleport!) screaming and waving the check. Betty is angry and thinks Daniel has given them the money.

Marc and Amanda are screwing around when Timothy shows up. Marc offers to put his fanny pack on (to complete his single-dad look), but Timothy didn't bring his baby after all. So Marc hands William off to Amanda and mentions in passing that she's the nanny. Who doesn't speak English very well. She panics at having a baby in her arms, but Marc flees with Timothy.

Betty and Daniel have one of those conversations where Betty thinks Daniel gave her the check, but he doesn't know what she's talking about. Shouldn't Betty know what Daniel's signature looks like? And if he disguised it, wouldn't that make the check not work? Anyway, Daniel has his own problems, since they didn't get the bailout and he feels that he blew his last shot at saving the company. Despair!

Amanda returns William to Christina ("Here. Just take it.") and rats out Marc. Christina sings to William in baby talk and explains to William that she feels connected to William and must remind herself that she's not William's mother. "Your real mother's not just the one who gives birth to you. It's the one who raises you and tucks you in at night." Seems like it would be easier for Christina to remember that if she weren't also working as the kid's nanny. Amanda looks dreamy-eyed and runs away before she has to help change a diaper.

Betty and Matt are in a restaurant as he agrees that the mystery check is weird. He thinks she should cash the check. And he brought his wallet for once, so he signs for the bill and takes a work call that conveniently takes him away from the table. His signature on the bill matches the one on the check. Matt gave Betty $10,000!

Wili, Claire and Daniel meet at night. Wili lays out the facts: they're broke, and Meade Publications will be going under. Claire accuses Wili of flaunting her wealth, and Wili asks if Claire has started making bathtub gin to economize. Claire responds with a botox crack, and Daniel decides to give a speech about how they don't deserve a bailout. He decides to liquidate his assets, which include a house, a townhouse, some art, and so on. Wili says doesn't have as much as Daniel, but she'll do what she can. Claire tells Daniel he's very brave.

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Ugly Betty




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