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Betty brings Elena into the house, over Hilda's disapproving glare. When Hilda and Betty have their showdown, we can see Elena, Ignacio, and Justin in the background apparently having a great time chatting. Justin is thrilled that Elena once gave Keifer Sutherland a B-12 shot.

End-of-episode montage!

Connor arrives at Wili's ridiculous place, and she tells him she loves him. He grabs her and they start making out. Daniel and Claire go to Mode,/I>, where there is no party. Instead, they will be having a little dinner together, alone except for the two guys in tuxes handing them champagne. And anyone who's working late. Daniel and Molly go ice skating again, and the rink seems practically deserted. Does that actually happen? I always assumed it would be insanely crowded. Daniel and Claire watch a home video of Surprisingly Sober Claire reading a story to Young Daniel and Young Alex. The Suarezes plus Elena have dinner, which looks like a good time. Except for Hilda's disapproving glare.

Next week: Remember Christina?

Look back at the soapiest moments on this show.

Montykins is always impressed when there's a plot that requires ever single character to be a jerk. Monty also has a blog devoted to Movie Novelizations, cleverly entitled Monty on Movie Novelizations. You can email him at if that's your idea of a good time.

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