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Limping Across the Finish Line

Suzuki St. Pierre tells us the story of Penny's fall, but I think it's just an excuse for the line "On my Sexy Death meter, this one barely rates a three!" That certainly raises questions. First of all, who has a "sexy death meter"? Second, what does it take to only get a two? For that matter, what does a ten look like? Anyway, Betty and Daniel are in his office. Betty suggests organizing a memorial, even though Penny didn't have friends. Daniel likes the idea of a coffee cart! He also broaches the question of how to deal with Penny's workload. Betty cautiously brings up maybe the possibility of, you know -- and Daniel agrees that Betty's perfect for the job. Betty says they shouldn't tell anyone for a few days. Because of the grieving process.

In the Suarez house, there is confetti and cheering. Betty begs them not to come to the office with balloons. Aw, man. I'd be thrilled if someone came to my office with a balloon. And Ignacio has cake! When Betty looks disapproving, Ignacio says they can go light a candle for Penny. Justin also wants to pray to St. Vitus, who, as the patron saint of actors, presumably has pull at the performing arts school. This school is like Wili's baby; nobody ever calls it by its name! Hilda assures Justin he'll get in. Hilda also thinks it's a good thing that Betty didn't get a chance to tell Matt. She thinks Betty's got a new job and a new living situation and shouldn't screw it up. She'll only hurt him!

Amanda is sitting on Marc's desk feeding lies to his replacement, Ryan. She only gets as far as telling him to call Wilhelmina "honey" and greet her with a big mouth-kiss every morning. When Marc shows up and catches her at it, she admits to hating Ryan. "You can't just replace yourself with another gay guy!" she says, even though Ryan protests that he's not gay, but neither of them believes him. Amanda leaves, passing an entering Wilhelmina. Ryan falls down, but still manages to hand Wili a file.

Claire wants to speak with Wilhelmina. They recap the bit about Cal impregnating Claire, and Claire says that she had an abortion, and took a year recovering. Wili applies the thumbscrews, telling Claire to step down as Senior Vice President of Meade and to stay out of Mode business. And she wants Claire to announce it at the MAMA awards.You know, it's not a bad suggestion. I mean, Wili's the only person on this show who's ever shown any talent in actually running Mode. Daniel and Claire should just get the hell out of her way and let her run an excellent fashion magazine that will make them lots of money. Claire snarls and leaves. Mark and Wili gloat together, recapping their good times together. Like stealing Bradford's will and having Christina arrested for kidnapping her own baby. Marc reflects that they should really be in jail. Finally, Wilhelmina tells him she'll miss him and they hug. Ryan enters to tell Wili that Penny's memorial is about to start, and Wili tells Marc she wants to talk to him about something.

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