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Somewhere in the most orange section of Mode, Matt has brought Betty some yogurt and his first painting. It's pretty big for a first work. And it features a scantily-clad Betty reclining among sunflowers. Betty is naturally flustered and tries to cover it up. Matt misunderstands her flusteration and thinks that she doesn't like his painting, but really she's just freaked out at practically being naked at work. Matt draws her attention to her toothbrush and robe on the chair next to her, and it turns out this is just an elaborate way of asking her to move in with him. He asks Betty if she's freaked out, and she denies it. She totally is freaked out, and to avoid answering, looks at the painting again. The scene's getting kind of dull, so Amanda comes in to liven things up. Hooray! She is terrified by the painting and pretends to be blind so she can stagger off bumping into things. I'm a sucker for sophisticated comedy like that.

Wili hands Claire an orange folder full of what she describes as "options." Claire wants to turn the discussion to Wili's choice of stylist. She starts to say "I have a problem..." when a mystery woman walks in. It's Christine Baranski, who you'll remember is Victoria, Cal's evil ex-wife and Matt's mother. She and Claire have a staredown. It's an awesome staredown. Wili, Claire and Victoria are all evil and fun. Claire and Victoria clearly don't like each other, which Wili picks up on as she introduces herself to Victoria. Anyway, Victoria's here to meet Cal for something and slides off. Claire's thrown off her game and slinks away looking worried. Wili decides that it could be useful that Victoria doesn't like Claire. Did you get all that?

In the Meade cafeteria, Jody is encouraging Betty to do well at her interview. Betty continues to freak out about possibly leaving Mode and claims that her entire life is changing. Jody tells her not to worry about that and to just show the interviewers who she is. As Jody goes to the elevator, she asks (in an excessively nonchalant way) if Marc's mentioned her. He has not. Aww. Incidentally, Bernadette Peters looks great here.

Suarez dinner table. Ignacio asks Betty why she's quiet. Betty announces that Matt's asked her to move in with him. Everyone panics. How can Betty, an adult with a job, who already used to live on her own, consider moving out? After all, Ignacio was sick awhile ago, although he doesn't need help anymore. Actually, Ignacio says he's fine with it. Although he kind of wishes she'd at least consider getting married first. Oh, old people. When will you learn?

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