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Victoria is playing tennis with Billie Jean King, who lets her win. Wilhelmina just happens to be there, complaining that her tennis opponent hasn't shown up. Victoria is delighted to have someone to play, claiming that Billie Jean doesn't even try anymore. Billie Jean explains that she has to let Vicky win, or she pouts. This is probably why there are those lesbian rumors about Victoria. Anyway, Wili and Victoria will play.

Molly's at home on the couch watching screaming women accost Daniel on Fashion TV. Daniel comes home and she tells him he'll "get so much tail when I'm gone". He is uncomfortable with her suggestion that he hook up with Anne Hathaway.

Victoria defeats Wili, and they bond. Wili gently pries about Victoria's life, learning that Victoria only has an 11-year-old poodle. And then when the conversation turns to men, Victoria suggests getting some alcohol. Wili looks satisfied.

Mode offices. Claire has received a garter that was intended for Daniel. She brings it to his office, but warns him that the embroidered phone number has a Jersey area code. Daniel looks all mopey and sad because he thinks that Molly's becoming obsessed with Daniel being with someone after she's gone. But he protests that he can't think about life without Molly.

In the conference room, Matt is unsure about the idea of going to the game with Betty's ex-boyfriend. Betty suggests they pretend Matt's sick, but he claims to be up for it. When they go in for a kiss, Betty gets a call from Jody. Betty goes to Daniel's office to tell him, "Daniel? I'm gonna be an editor." But after some commercials, she explains that it's not official yet. But Jody says that the New York Review will be calling her tomorrow with an offer. Daniel says that they never hire anyone, but he's not surprised. Betty is weepy, but Daniel thanks her. They hug.

CitiField. Very sparse crowd. Daniel throws a great first pitch, right down the middle of the plate. The crowd, what there is of it, applauds vaguely. The Jumbotron does say "MODE Salutes the Mets". From their field-level seats, Matt and Betty applaud, and I guess the game starts.

Matt gives Betty the key to the apartment, which is actually a keycard. High-tech! Chloe and Henry arrive late, which Chloe cheerfully blames on being a girl. Behind Betty, the extras are looking in entirely random directions and not cheering at all. It's a very quiet game. I keep trying to figure out who the Mets are playing, but they're only here to plug the stadium, not to show me a baseball game. Matt and Henry chat a little. Henry's an accountant, and Matt's not much of anything. Betty assures them both that he's a painter, which is totally a thing. Betty's voice-over thoughts tell her not to tell Henry and Chloe that Matt's rich. Chloe brags about how fit Henry is (which I'm pretty sure he was before he left), and Matt talks about junk food and makes his belly button talk. Henry laughs at this, for some reason, and Betty imagines the JumboTron reading "Henry 1, Matt 0".

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