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The Lyin', The Watch And The Wardrobe

Over to a more pleasant luncheon with Betty and Henry. She notes that he was on her floor a lot today, and he flirts back that it has absolutely nothing to do with her -- he likes to make the rounds! "Let the employees know that accounting has its eye on them," he jokes, and then feeds her some cucumber roll. It is, of course, at this very moment that Walter makes his appearance. "I DON'T THINK SO," he yells at them and Betty, of course, spits out her roll in shock, because she has no composure when people surprise her with a mouth full of food. "What are you doing here?" she asks. Instead of explaining that he's suddenly turned into some kind of really sad-sack stalker, Walter just yelps, "Who is THIS GUY?" Dude, people go to lunch with coworkers all the time. Okay, maybe you don't let your coworkers FEED YOU, but still. Betty stammers that it's Henry, from the third floor, but Walter isn't really paying attention. He just wants to know why she hasn't returned his calls! Betty stammers that she's been busy. Also, he's annoying her. "Maybe I should get the check," Henry offers. Listen, if my boyfriend tracked me down at work to find out why I hadn't called him back in two hours, I would be so aggravated. I will call you back when I get around to it. Maybe I'm BUSY. Oh my God, maybe I'm Daniel. Anyway, Walter is totally freaking out and Betty finally tells him that he's embarrassing her. At this, Henry discreetly gets up to the pay the bill, but Walter announces that he -- Henry -- should stay. "I'LL GO. I EMBARRASS her," he announces, embarrassingly. And he storms off. That is the kind of manly assurance that the ladies love. Betty looks a bit gobsmacked, as Henry just looks at her sympathetically. If Henry wasn't already obviously totally in love with her, I imagine this may have raised a teeny tiny red flag for him.

After the ads, Wilhelmina is holed up in her office, getting one of those body wraps that are supposed to make you lost ten pounds of water weight in an hour or something. Marc prances in with her lunch and notes that it's "sweltering" in her office. Of course it is: she's sweating off the weight. He tells her that "paper burns at 451 degrees." Wil rolls her eyes (the only part of her that she can move), and snorts, "good. You can become a science teacher after I fire you. Now, CRANK IT." Marc hesitantly tells her that Nico called again, but Wilhelmina doesn't want to hear it: she has six hours to become ten years younger and five pounds thinner, and she can't handle Nico right now. Marc wisely says nothing as he sets up Wil's lunch. "What is that?" she barks. "Salad," Marc offers hesitantly. Wilhelmina orders him to take the food away immediately. "You NEED to EAT," Marc tries, but Wilhelmina screams at him to get out.

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