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The Lyin', The Watch And The Wardrobe

Betty gets in the elevator and hits the Lobby button, then the 3 -- where accounting is -- and then 26. She is just a mess. She ends up in the Closet, where she begs Christina to stop her from going to see Henry. This is the same conversation I have had with all of my girlfriends, except for "see" insert "email" and for "Henry," insert "[REDACTED]." Christina thought Betty had made up her mind to go with Walter, and Betty holds her up rebellious finger. "Tell it to my finger! My finger wants me to push the button! My finger wants me to go to Henry's floor and tell him I had a wonderful time today!" she yelps. She wonders if maybe she's turning into Daniel. Next thing you know, she'll be sleeping around and not even care! Christina tactfully says that this seems very unlikely, and also points out that this lifestyle isn't making Daniel very happy, since he's running around town losing expensive jewelry and has no idea who he slept with Monday night. And this, of course, is when Betty realizes that Miss Monday is Amanda and scampers upstairs.

"You sent yourself flowers. You're Monday's girl," Betty says as soon as she pops off the elevator, and holds her hand out for the watch. Amanda slams it on the desk and runs to the bathroom. Betty follows. Poor Formal-Shorted Amanda. Her pants are tragic, but so is her soon-to-be-broken heart. "Was this all just one big joke to you? Watching me run around the city in a butterfly suit getting underwear thrown at my head? All for laughs?" Betty asks, once they're safely in the ladies room. Amanda tearfully asks if she looks like she's laughing, but Betty still wants to know why she didn't say anything. Amanda sniffles that she was hoping Monday was the one night of the week Daniel would remember. "Stupid me, huh?" she says. Betty asks if Daniel knows that she feels this way. Amanda snorts. "He's Daniel Meade. Take a number and wait in line," she says. Betty comfortingly says that she's sure Daniel shares Amanda's feelings. "Don't you guys have some kind of agreement?" she asks. Apparently they do, but it sucks: Daniel dates anyone he wants, and Amanda gets to take their messages and send them flowers. Betty wonders why Amanda got so involved with him if she knew what he was like, a question that proves more than anything how inexperienced Betty is in the ways of love. I think everyone has gotten entangled with someone they knew was a sucker's bet, because you liked that person enough to convince yourself that it would be different with you. And indeed, Amanda admits that she thought Daniel would get sick of serial dating. "I sure as hell am," she admits. Oh, honey. I feel you. "What if he doesn't?" Betty asks. "He will. I'll just wait," Amanda says. Oh, Amanda. That is not a good plan. I have to admit, I started to really like her after we found out how much she secretly loves Cheetos and flan, but now I kind of empathize with her. As I said a few sentences up, I think most people have found themselves in a relationship where they're trying to believe that the other person will eventually change, mostly because you really want them to. Betty hands the watch back to Amanda and tells her to give it to Daniel and tell him how she really feels. But Amanda refuses. She takes a deep breath, and, looking at herself in the mirror, transforms back into the sassy smart mouth that is her public persona. "Hey, guess what?" she says, cocking a brow. "This never happened." And with that, she sashays out of the ladies room. Betty looks sad. I feel sad. Sad, and a little hungry.

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