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The Lyin', The Watch And The Wardrobe

Wilhelmina is probably also hungry, since she's been starving herself all day, and yet her gown still doesn't fit. "I want the TRUTH," she tells. "IS THIS A FOUR?" Christina yammers incoherently, and Wilhelmina demands to see the dress's tag. "I ate it," Christina tells her. "CARLOTTA!" Wil screams at her. "Yes, it's a four," Christina/Carlotta finally admits. Wil slumps down on a chair and sighs. "I can't deny it anymore. It's happened. I've become a woman of a certain age." Christina kneels next to her and promises that if she gives her twenty minutes, she can do "something with pleats." Wilhelmina sighs and tells her to forget it. She's not going to that party. She's just a fat old hag, and everyone else just keeps getting younger and younger. "Why is it such a crime to age in this business?" she asks, and Christina agrees that the standards for woman "are punitive." Wil wails that it is ALL HER FAULT. "There's my achievement. Bit me in the ass. And the hips. Serves me right. That's what you're thinking. Just say it," she says. Christina agrees that Wilhelmina does set the standards. "You're Wilhelmina Slater, for Pete's sake! Women look to you for inspiration. So when you go to the ball tonight with that young man of yours, I guarantee that no women in America will leave her house tomorrow morning without a man ten years younger." Awww, yeah. College boys, watch out for ME. Wil smiles at this idea and looks over at Christina's sandwich. "You gonna eat that sandwich?" she asks. Christina gives her half, and Wil tears into it.

Daniel's office. Betty has laid out all the things of his that she repossessed on the trail of his watch: mostly ties. She hands him his watch. "Which one had it?" he asks. "Does it matter?" she asks carefully. Daniel thinks about this, and decides that it doesn't. "I didn’t think so," Betty says, a little judgmentally. Daniel protests that he sent freaking roses! "Amanda sent them, yeah," Betty says. And then it is Time For Our Important Life Lesson of the Week, as Betty tells him that if he thinks that he isn't hurting anyone with his revolving bedroom shenanigans, then he's wrong. "Is there anything else you need from me?" she asks. Daniel shortly informs her that this will do, but then calls her back: "Betty, you know I've had a rough week. I've got a lot on my mind," he tells her. Betty knows. And she hopes he deals with all that more directly than he did this other. Well, I certainly feel as though I have learned a lesson. From now on, I will make sure I take all my jewelry home, instead of leaving it at the apartment of my many lovers.

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