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Darfur is a sad place, according to the YETI speaker. This message resonates strongly with Betty, who resolves to do something about her career. Oh, you thought she should maybe do something about Darfur? Let's not be silly. She's just starting to think that maybe a fashion magazine isn't the best place for her. And you might be thinking that her reason has something to do with her own clothing choices, which can only be described as defiantly garish at this point. But it turns out that the actual reason is that Betty thinks she's better than the fashion world. And I have to admit she has a bit of a point. Anyway, she enthuses to her seat-neighbor, who is Darfur Lady's assistant.

Jodie (Bernadette Peters!) thanks the speaker and asks if there are any questions (aside from "Can I have a job?") Betty tries to get to the front of the room, but she's waylaid by a guy very interested in discussing the color of his corduroy blazer. He describes himself as "sports guy", but he doesn't appear to be Bill Simmons. He's just a guy who works at a sports magazine, and he keeps calling Betty "Fashion Girl", which I'm pretty sure is the first time in her life that Betty's been called anything like that. He hasn't shaved recently, so I assume he'll be the new love interest. It's always the scruffy guys.

On hearing that Betty works at Mode, Darfur Lady takes an interest. On learning that Betty's done some things outside the usual assistant tasks (like her website column and that time she oversaw a cover shoot), she informs Betty that she's well on her way to being an editor. In fashion. Betty stammers and fumfers about wanting to do other things, and Darfur Lady frostily informs her that if she doesn't want to do fashion, she should do some things other than fashion. You have to admit, it makes sense.

Back in the Mode hallways, Betty tells Christina (remember Christina?) that she suggested to Jodie that maybe all the YETI people could get partnered up with someone from another magazine, which she hopes will pair her up with the girl from the New York Review and she'll get to do something Important. Hey, doesn't Betty work for Meade Publications, a conglomerate that publishes zillions of magazines, some of which aren't related to fashion at all? ["And didn't she already try that when she helped Daniel at that mens magazine?" -- Angel]

Marc has the sad duty of telling Wilhelmina that the dress she wants did not come. He suggests that since Wili's been seeing Connor, she might have fallen off the radar. "Wilhelmina Slater is the most important person at Fashion Week!" insists Wili, in third person. She maintains that the dress not being there couldn't possibly be on purpose.

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