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In the Closet, Betty is telling Christina how crazy Heinrich is, and Christina is moaning about how she was an up-and-coming designer just a couple of seasons ago. Matt's there too, trying to make a connection between his job and Betty's, and Betty basically tells him to go take a hike. Then Betty and Christina write a joke press release starting with "It's been said fashion is pain. Science said no, but Heinrich said yes. So get your tetanus shots and prepare to believe." They agree that this version of the press release is just between them and will never be seen by anyone else.

Back to Queens. Betty's written a real press release, in which Justin has changed "shiny" to "glittering" and added the words "breakout designer" a few times. Betty thanks him and tells him she only has two Fashion Week tickets this year, and Justin demands one or else he tells everyone that Betty still likes Ricky Martin. Hilda brings Betty a smiley-face pancake and is in a good mood because Nurse Elena isn't around to take Ignacio's blood pressure anymore. Naturally, this is when Ignacio and Elena walk into the kitchen. Nurse Elena is wearing his bathrobe, which bothers everyone. There has been sex! Hilda stomps out and Betty runs away. Justin goes to get Elena one of his robes, which are presumably more frilly or something.

In the Mode offices, Betty sets a press release in an inbox as, in the background, awesome Fashion Television Announcer Suzuki St. Pierre is delivering her joke press release. "And, in the Ten Designers to Watch Show, Mode presents cutting-edge fashion. Literally! Made from barbed wire and rusty nails, designer Heinrich Slime promises to intrigue, and injure!" Betty panics, but she just happens to have written exactly the kind of nonsense that Suzuki sounds great saying.

Hey, have you noticed that the lady in this Ford Focus commercial is named "Cheyennis Doom"?

As Betty rummages through her desk, Matt pounces on her and tries to brag about how much he's learned about fashion by demonstrating that his pants are chinos. But they're really khakis. Oh, and of course he found the fake press release and handed it to Daniel, because it said "For immediate release" in giant letters on the top. Betty is hyperventilating when Daniel storms in with a problem: "Lagerfeld laughed in my face because my cuffs were peeking!" So they have to be altered again. Also, he liked the press release because it wasn't full of the usual clich├ęs. The bad news is that Heinrich also liked it, so Betty will be in charge of Heinrich's show. Why is that bad news? Betty doesn't want to come up with a concept for Heinrich's show, but Daniel assures her that designers have very clear visions. Finally, Betty condescends to do a little jumping for joy, but it doesn't go very well, and everyone ends up feeling uncomfortable, like a horse bit them in the stomach.

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