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Marc and Wilhelmina are in the car when Marc discovers that Wili's seat at whatever show they're going to will be in the second row. Quel horreure! Or however that's spelled! Marc offers to kill himself by jumping out of the car, and they agree that it's of course she won't go. Wili has a moment of self-doubt, but Marc assures her, "You're still as horrible and evil as the day that Satan himself placed you in your mother's arms!" There's lots of Marc in this episode, which is good. Wili resolves to remind everyone that it's her opinion that matters around here.

Daniel brings Molly into Mode and she gets a makeover montage. Her clothes and hair are completely different. He likes it, but she won't let him kiss her because it would mess up her lipstick.

Heinrich tells Betty that she's the first person to understand him, but that they won't be making love quite yet. He claims that he knows exactly what he wants: "The hot, dry vortex of wind that blows dreams into dust". But no fans. "Grey but obscure." "A rainbow of grey, but sharp. Like clear fog." Betty's not sure about all this. Heinrich tells her to listen to the clothes. Well, okay, then.

Suzuki St. Pierre, live and on location, which means he's going to get to interact with some other cast members for a change. Molly comes in and ignores Suzuki's attempts to get an interview. Marc swoops in on Suzuki (okay, I have a great idea for Marc's next subplot...) and drags him off for an exclusive interview in which Wilhelmina will badmouth a designer. Molly hangs up her cellphone as Daniel catches up with her, claiming that he had trouble getting away from Heidi Klum. Molly makes an unconvincing excuse and leaves.

Betty and Daniel stare at a photo of Heinrich's (awesome) dress, but apparently it' not speaking to Betty. Amanda runs in (wearing some kind of unbuttoned marching band outfit that I kind of enjoy) and insists that Betty get her into Heinrich's show, because he is her favorite designer. When Betty points out that yesterday, Amanda had never even heard of Heinrich, Amanda tells Matt that Betty has been hitting the tequila again ("It's like mother's milk to her"). Apparently, Heinrich is all people are talking about. "So that means he's good. Obvi." Betty runs to Daniel to try to get out of the Heinrich show, and the news that Heinrich has been moved to the closing position just makes her more insistent on not doing it. She suggests that Daniel find a Clothes Whisperer, but Daniel reiterates his confidence in Betty.

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