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After some commercials, Betty has had a revelation and the rest of this episode will be a great deal of fun. Betty has a presentation for Heinrich where it turns out Heinrich grew up behind the Iron Curtain, dreaming of a life on the other (i.e. "this") side of the Berlin Wall. And his father got shot going over the wall. So he carries that pain with him, and "Maybe the only way you can imagine escaping is by raising giant wings and letting the wind carry you far away." So she'll have a big fake Berlin wall for the winged models to walk between. Heinrich loves it, and so do I. But Betty still won't make love to Heinrich.

Betty and Marc are at the show, which does indeed have a big, fake Berlin Wall across the runway. Betty tells Marc to tell the Fire Marshal that the two backstage exits are blocked by the Iron Curtain, but there are still six usable exits. Marc goes off to hit on some firemen. Betty instructs "Steve" to move Isaac Mizrahi to the front row, because there are too many sharp objects for him to throw another tantrum. Daniel stops by and he and Betty walk to the back. He's worried about Molly, since she ran out and hasn't returned his calls. As Betty and Daniel talk, Betty signs a clipboard being held by a woman who appears to be roughly forty feet tall. I assume she's a model (because she's even taller than Daniel and also extremely thin), but the clipboard confuses me. Anyway, Betty accuses Daniel of doing something stupid, and he decides that maybe it was insensitive to order Molly to get a makeover, because it might have implied that she wasn't lovely just the way she was. Betty darts offscreen, shouing "Careful with the razor blades!" Good advice at any time, really.

And now it's Fashion Week! Limos! People! Still no cameo from Patsy and Edina! Hilda is at the Mode party when she sees... Elena! Hilda accuses Elena of stealing Justin's ticket, but this was Justin's idea. Hilda doesn't look thrilled about spending time with Elena. Daniel gets Molly on the phone in a 24-style splitscreen. He apologizes for the makeover and talks about how exciting he thinks the future will be. He tells her he loves her, and she wipes away tears as she reciprocates. Both shots have white curtains as the background. Daniel's are because it's the Mode Aesthetic, but Molly's are because she's in a hospital. She doesn't tell him.

Heinrich's show starts with glass breaking to show the silhouette of one of his amazing outfits with giant wings. The next model's head is kind of encased in razor wire. Isaac Mizrahi looks unsure. Then there's an outfit with a six-foot-wide silver Napoleon hat! And one that uses a buzzsaw blade for a hat, and another one sticking out of the model's shoulder! All the outfits have spiky shards of glass sticking out of them or barbed wire wrapped around them, and I think they all look great. Betty is delighted at how well it's going, and so is Heinrich. He starts to give her a dress, but because her body would destroy the line, he gives her some kind of tiara/halo made of circles of razor wire instead. Amanda tries to steal it, but can't touch it.

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