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Betty calls Matt, but goes to voicemail. She says "Henry" a few times, which is not ideal.

Betty arrives at Mode. Amanda tells her that "a cute-ish boy is here to see you. Is he the one you're trying to sleep with to get over the other one?" Amanda looks a little demented here. Matt, who is right there, says, "Um, I'm right here." Amanda says, "I know." And then, after a round of reaction shots, winks again. Another wink! I'm enjoying Amanda's winks and I would like to see them more often. Maybe her winks and I could get a drink someplace while the rest of the episode goes on without the two of us?

Betty apologizes for both her behavior and Amanda's existence. Matt says that it worked out fine, because now he has a tab and he's a regular at a bar. Well, good for you, drunky! Matt tells Betty that she should go out with him (I'm summarizing a little here). Down in accounting, Jenny tells Betty that the person who authorized the money to be transferred into Betty's account is... B. Suarez. Betty has signing authority for a hundred thou? Even Betty doesn't find that plausible, and she should be used to the ridiculous plot contrivances that happen in her life.

Back up at the Mode offices, Marc is carrying some shoes (that's part of his job, you know. Carrying shoes) and asking Betty for details on the date. But not gross details. Actually, he would like to be told that the assignment is done. Betty tells Marc about the hundred grand and that she thinks she's in trouble. Marc blows her off, so she finds Connor entering the elevator.

Now there is a tense, dramatic scene between Connor and Betty in the elevator. Connor pushes the Emergency Stop button so they have plenty of time for accusations and steely-eyed glares. To sum up, Connor has been stealing money from Meade Publications all this time. And now he's got evidence showing that Betty "stole" some money, so if Betty tells anyone, she'll go to jail. And Daniel signed some papers too, so he'll also go to jail. And no one will believe Betty, with her sick father and mounting bills. Or Betty could just keep the money and no one has to know anything about anything! There is no evil laugh, but it seems like there could have been. Connor also threatens to ruin the lives of everyone Betty loves. Then he leaves, while Betty stares in horror. Horror!

Betty paces in the Mode offices and sees Connor hugging Wili. Connor sees her and pulls the curtains closed after winking. Connor tells Wili that he has to tell her something bad ("Very bad? Does someone need a spanking?" she asks), and that he's been stealing from the company. He explains that he'll be taking the money and leaving the country, and that he'd like Wili and the baby to come with him. Wilhelmina is furious. Oh, like Wilhelmina Slater suddenly has scruples? Some sort of moral core is going to surface now? And here comes the Villain's Justification:

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Ugly Betty




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