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Claire has overheard Molly and Daniel's conversation and comforts Daniel exceedingly awkwardly. Now we're into the end-of-show montage. Wili is lying alone in her bed when she hears William crying. She picks him up and comforts him, looking concerned. Betty is watching Ignacio and Elena not watch a movie on television. Betty finally decides to accept Henry's Facebook friend request, then closes the laptop. Matt is at the martini bar, having a martini. He pats all his pockets in the universal gesture for "Would you believe it, I appear to have forgotten my wallet again!!" when he sees Betty. She provides money for drinks and they appear to talk and smile and be happy.

Montykins never trusted Connor. Well, technically, Monty was never sure exactly who Connor was. That's the same thing, right? You can email Monty at if that's your idea of a good time.

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