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Daniel looks out over the city and worries about what his good deed cost him, and Molly comes up to congratulate him on being awesome at the press conference. The second he hears her voice he lights up like a little boy. "Hey, Tornado Boy!" She says it's like a superhero name now, and that she's not often seen a bigshot go under the bus for an assistant, and then geeks out about her ankle splint and says the word splint like a hundred times and then admits she's on painkillers. He tells her to sit down and wait for Connor, but it's their anniversary, so she says she's going to go find him. "Don't drink wine!" he blurts out as she's leaving, and it takes her a second to figure out the counter interactions of her meds before she adorably puts one hand over her mouth and nods. He crushes so hard, but secretly next door Wili's been watching the whole scene play out, and has an idea that for once involves destroying marriages and people for reasons other than financial gain.

Ignacio talks about how both Betty and Hilda fought for themselves, and it's awesome, and Justin shouts, "I taped that press conference and I just can't stop watching it!" Hilda goes off to find champagne, and he snits, "If it's not made in France it's sparkling wine, and that's bottle's from New Jersey." And I thought it was Hilda giggling, but actually it's Ignacio and this isn't the first time I've thought that, because Mr. Suarez laughs like a scary woman. Betty's still kind of bittersweet about the whole thing still, and confides in him that she honestly thought she'd done something so awesome that it "would make normal different." He tells her to keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep his eyes open for those open Sarah Palin doors, and eventually she will succeed. I love it when the 98-year-old guy in the burger uniform that laughs like a lady tells me my dreams can come true. It's so fucking comforting.

Daniel watches Connor kissing Molly and is jealous, but who knows who he's more jealous of, and Wili struts over with her slinky sexy gold dress and tells Connor that, since Daniel is now just handing out money, they have to strategize. He doesn't even put up a fight, just agrees to reschedule his anniversary dinner, because even he can hear the whistle of the anvils. The camera pushes toward the Mode logo on the wall so, so slowly, like just so you know it's going to be horrible, don't, don't, don't, and then there's my wonderful Cliff shrugging off Marc's arm and backing away and then walking down the hallway so embarrassed and sad and hurting, and it's really bad, and Marc watches him go.

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Ugly Betty




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