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The next morning, Betty, not surprisingly, is hung-over. That girl needs a cheeseburger, stat. Hilda gives her coffee instead, and tells her that Ignacio left early. Betty moans that she doesn't want to talk about it, but Hilda will have none of this. She heard their entire fight, and so did "half of Regal Park." She wonders what on earth could have happened after she left Mode. Betty shows her the still uncashed check. "Is this real, or is this one of those Ed McMahon things?" Hilda asks, and Betty tells her to look at the signature. "Ooooh," Hilda says. She gets it: Wil wants Betty to sell out Daniel, so she can have his job. For which she is more qualified. "Her money, my soul," Betty agrees. Hilda looks thoughtful and says that she's going to try to figure something else out, but this might be their only option. But Hilda, what about that sassy lawyer you so conveniently met in the first act?

Wil's. Nico is eating her déclassé cereal. Wil walks over, plucks the box off the table, and throws it away without a word. She leaves the room. Nico picks up her cell phone and makes a call. "Can I get the number for FashionTV please?

And so Salma and Daniel meet again, in the elevator, of course. Which gets stuck. Naturally. Salma thinks that he has somehow orchestrated this. He denies it. "The last time this happened, it was four hours of Kevin Federline trying to corn row my hair," he tells her, which is of course not an experience you would want to repeat. There's a lot of "We Hate Each Other; This Means We'll Have Sex" back and forth, as they try and figure out what to do. How about, ring the alarm? Push the call button? Use the little phone thingie in there to call for help? Instead, Salma decides she's going to climb out of the escape hatch in the ceiling. She takes off her shoes, orders Daniel to his knees, and climbs on his shoulders. "Don't look up," she tells him. "Don't flatter yourself," Daniel snorts. "Good. Because I'm not wearing any underwear," Salma purrs. Daniel, of course, looks up, like 90% of America would have. Hell, I'm the person who can not resist clicking on a link that says "not safe for work," even when I KNOW the image under the link is not one I EVER want to see. I would probably look up, too. Anyway, he looks up, and she falls down, right on top of him. Dramatic telenovela music twangs in the background as they writhe around suggestively. "You looked, didn't you?" Salma asks, and then storms off, REALLY dramatically. I can’t wait until the episode where we find out that she's having his soccer ball.

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