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Trust, Lust And Must

Mode Café. Hilda sets up in the middle of the lunch tables and begins to count down from ten. Before she even gets to one, a staffer comes up and says, "Ten pounds? Is that, like, for real?" and they're off. They sell a lot of Herbalux. Like a Girl Scout selling cookies at fat camp. Great, now I want some cookies. We get a gleeful Montage of The Glory of Diet Pills, which ends with a thud when Wil storms in and puts a stop to all the glee. Betty tries to explain what they're up to, but Wil just tells her she's broken a whole boatload of rules. Hilda leaps in at this, and tries to parrot all of Leah's Impressive Statutes, but can't quite recreate her effectiveness. Finally, she just ends with a defiant, "the constitution says, 'freedom of assembly!'" Wil sniffs. "How cute. Caeser Chavez in a push up bra. This is private property, sweetheart. Pack up your stuff and get out," she says, and asks Betty to join her in her office.

Salma's at the GYM, working on one of the Pilates machines. Her assistant says, "Candace Bushnell wants to pitch you a story on power women in Manhattan." Salma says, "Tell her to call when she gets an original idea." MEE-OW. And yet, yes. Enter Daniel. Salma, it appears, has sent his peace offering back. "It's very generic, Daniel. It's the kind of gift you give to the girl you just bagged, or the one you want to bag," Salma explains, somewhat woodenly. Daniel feigns offense at this. "You clearly have the wrong impression of me," he says. And she does, except for the part where he already gave the exact same necklace to Salma's assistant, whom he didn't even remember sleeping with. "I thought I recognized you," Daniel offers weakly. He needs to just start telling people that, although he doesn't like to talk about it, he's actually legally blind.

While Daniel is failing to best Salma yet again, Wil is telling Betty that they're a family at Mode, and that family sticks together. Does she know Rodrigo, in Style? Betty does, saying that he has "great taste." Wil agrees. "But you wouldn't know that if an anonymous donor hadn't paid his way through design school," she says, further explaining that the strongest people are the ones who ask for help. Betty hesitantly explains that her Dad has some legal issues, and they need twenty grand for the lawyer. At this, of course, Wil just writes a check and hands it to her. "What do you want in return?" Betty asks, fearfully. "Is that something you ask family?" Wil asks, and smiles.

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