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Wili comes home all bereft whining about Molly, and Marc points out she doesn't even wear eyeliner. Wili says she's giving up on Connor, because she's not begging: "If he wants to marry that do-gooding gremlin, it's his choice." I don't see this resolution sticking, frankly. Marc apologizes to her, knowing what it is to be unlucky in love, and she turns on him: "For WHAT?" He gets the fuck out of there, because of the face, and she interrogates him on the YETI thing. "I trust that's not going to interfere with your work here? Good. I can't think of anyone more deserving. Congratulations." And that's Marc's magic moment, and it's good.

Daniel PMs Betty to come talk to him, and she's still pissy, and he apologizes for blowing off the YETI letter yet again, and now she's given her place to Marc... But he made some calls and got her in based on the fact that she worked at Player at the beginning of the season, so now she and Marc are on different magazines. She's in. And the recommendation letter? Six pages long. She nearly cries, and he says the first draft was even longer. I love those two. She apologizes for freaking out and he begs her not to succeed at the rate she's capable of, because he loves her and doesn't want her to leave. On the other hand, he figures in ten years he'll be her assistant. She hugs him and he lights up so bright!

Betty goes over her packet, and Marc calls her from across the office: Anna Wintour and Tina Brown guest speaking? In the same week, they giggle on the phone and grin wonderfully at each other, and then Wili and Daniel both issue their decrees from their offices, and they smile goodbye.

Oh, this will be fun. Send me your YETI proposals by the end of the week, and we'll go over them in a couple of weeks when Betty and Amanda go crazy all over New York. That should add some spice to the spice. Stay ugly!

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