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In the closet, someone cops a feel of Christina. It is, of course, Stuart. The two, who apparently have been jumping each other's bones with the vigor of a large-lunged bagpiper, have a discussion about a doctor's appointment that Stuart is supposed to go to. He doesn't want to, but she tells him she doesn't want to lose him. They smooch, and Marc walks in asking for an introduction. Christina tells him that he doesn't work there and she's going to call security. He says he's there on business, then asks them to avert their eyes because he has a clandestine meeting in the secret sex room. Stuart tells him he's been in there, and Marc is pleased before he's grossed out. He heads in, where Amanda and Halston are waiting. Amanda is spending some time with her dads, and notes that today she's feeling particularly close to Jimmie J.J. Walker. Dynomite, indeed. Her private investigator has upturned nothing, and she's depressed. Although he usually likes to see his friends in a bad way because it makes him feel superior, Marc has to admit that this isn't fun anymore. He's going to help Amanda, he says, by turning to a higher power. If God would just stop cradling Daniel's butt for a few minutes, she might actually make some headway.

Cut to Marc and Amanda visiting psychic Annie Potts! I expect her to call them "Charlene" and "Ant-ny." Marc thinks she's amazing because she figured out he was gay. Amanda notes that the doctor who delivered him did, too. Psychic Linda starts to tell Amanda that she won't ever have kids, and, when greeted with a look of horror, she asks if Amanda doesn't want to hear the negatives, because generally she just says what she sees. Amanda wants to rename Linda with the more psychic-worthy "Destiny" or "Celestia." Linda offers to make a turban out of her gym towel. She holds up a hand and says she's getting something, then picks up her phone before it rings to yell at her kid. If those and an aversion to doing actual work are the qualifications, then my former office-mate had more powers than I even knew.

Back at Mode, Betty asks Justin's teacher if she thinks the class got anything out of their visit. The teacher says that they're New York teenagers -- as long as they can sorta read and don't kill her, she's happy. Let's blame it all on No Child Left Behind, shall we? They plan to take their lunches down to the park, but after seeing a row of stickly models, a fat-feeling Lindsay throws her lunch into the trash and says, "Skipping!" A bunch of other girls follow suit, but Justin declines, telling them not to hate him because he's a guy and burns 26% more calories. Hillary pauses, but after a long, vicious look from Lindsay, she throws her lunch in the trash, too. A disturbed Betty watches, then marches in to Daniel and tells him they need to totally change the magazine. After the whole Jennifer Love Hewitt photo thing, which led me to wonder if my ass is actually huge because it looks just like hers, I can only say: Bravo!

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