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Betty asks Daniel if he ever thinks about how Mode affects its readers. He thinks about all the stuff the women buy, which makes him a lot of money, and is pretty cool with that. With any question that begins, "Do you ever think..." she should be prepared for disappointment. Betty, of course, means more the "showing starving women in designer gowns" aspect of things. It's not a surprise, of course, but after spending time with Justin's class and seeing how it affects them, she feels like she's finally working at a place where she can do something about it. Daniel tells her she has her "let's change the world" face on. Betty says that she flashed back to the childhood trauma of Leslie Lavine's pool party. While all the other girls had on their tiny bikinis, Betty, sporting her oversize New Kids On The Block t-shirt, naturally, was inside eating chips with Leslie's parents, and hanging as tough as she could. She was "that girl."

Betty asks if they couldn't show a wider range of women -- normal, but not deathy. Finally, someone stands up for the non-deathy women in fashion! Okay, besides Tyra. Betty had the graphics department put together a little presentation that juxtaposes her, a model whose neck can't hold up her head, and a skeleton. It's all about subtlety. This could be the theme for Mode's show, she says -- healthy models. Daniel argues that it was done in Milan and Madrid, and then thinks about all the publicity those shows got. Betty wants to do it for the children, Daniel wants to do it for the press, and both agree it's a win-win. As Daniel goes to tell Alexis, he tells Betty that they need new models, a new backdrop, and a caterer, since they can feed the models for once. Betty smiles and says, "Suck that, Leslie Lavine."

Meanwhile, psychic Linda grasps and senses that Amanda is looking for her unc-bro-father. Amanda eagerly asks where and who he is. Linda says that Amanda will rescue a dog. Amanda thinks it's Halston, but Linda tells her it's another dog. She's going to rescue a black dog. Amanda is upset, but the dog is all that Linda sees. Oh, except that she tells Marc that he will eventually learn to walk again. Linda leaves, and Amanda tells Marc that at least he got good news.

Daniel enters what he thought was a meeting between him and Alexis, but which is actually a pitch meeting with all the editors of the other Meade publications. He joins, and he has to sit on a footstool. I mean, she already has a head on him. That's just unnecessary. Several editors thank Alexis for their fancy new desk chairs, which she says is a token of appreciation as president of a little thing she likes the call the Global Meade Publishing Empire. Daniel, having thought his chair was a peace offering, is feeling chump-like, per usual. When he tells Alexis that he wants to use healthy models for the fashion week show and the next issue, she shoots him right down, saying that the designers will never go for it. They want the attention on the clothes, not the models. He tries to argue, but Alexis cuts him off in favor of hearing twenty exciting things you can do with beets.

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