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In the closet, Henry asks a busy Christina for a minute. She rushes around and tries to blow him off, but he explains that he has news about her insurance -- they won't cover her husband for experimental procedures. Christina is crestfallen. She rips the arm off a mannequin and throws it. She probably could have done that with an actual model before they decided to go with the healthy angle. She hears an "ow." Turns out Marc is trying to swipe some pants with great butt cleavage for a big date with Cliff. She angrily tells him to take whatever he wants. He does with glee, until he notices that she's crying. He guesses this is about the sick husband and halfheartedly comforts her with the mannequin arm. He asks if he can do anything, and she says he can't unless he has $100,000 in his pocket. "Nope. All me," says Marc.

Cut to the official Mode model weigh in / press conference. Daniel says this is just one of the positive changes he's making to Mode before throwing it to Alexis, who reminds everyone that she's president of Meade. As Betty tells Justin to go back and tell this to the skinny mean-girl clique, the models walk in. They are NOT the models that Betty booked, and are also really, really skinny. The first model steps on the scale, and Alexis announces that she's 120 pounds. Betty cries foul to Justin, who says she's 102. Betty wonders how he knows this, and he says that's his gift -- well, that and accessorizing. It's the same story with all the models. As the models head off to eat a cupcake with Alexis, Betty and Justin step on the scale -- it adds 20 pounds to each of their weights. Alexis rigged it for the publicity.

Meanwhile, Amanda meets with Linda again. Linda asks for her hands, then squirts sanitizer on them, saying she knows where they've been. Linda tells Amanda that it's all about the letter "B" -- she's to follow the B, the B will lead her to a kiss, the kiss will take her to her father. Maybe, in another Golden Girls-themed twist, Amanda actually has to follow Bea Arthur? I see caftans in her future.

In the bathroom, Betty leaves a message for Daniel, who somehow disappeared from the press conference that he was helping to run -- like, no wonder he's not president of the company -- saying that he won't believe what Alexis did. At that moment, Alexis walks in. There are about 52 mirrors in that bathroom. Betty couldn't see her coming? Though she's dealing with a power greater than herself, and awkwardly so, Betty tells Alexis she knows Alexis is lying about the models' weights. Betty thought the whole point of this was to make a positive change, but Alexis tells her that the whole point of this was to sell clothes and get publicity. Now things are even worse, Betty says, because they're passing off some emaciated bitches as being healthy. Alexis argues that nobody cares about the models -- they're hangers, and designers don't want to show their clothes on fat hangers. Betty thinks that she and Alexis aren't that different and says that they both grew up not liking what they see in the mirror. Daniel, however, gets it. Alexis, tired of being the villain, tells Betty something about her hero of a boss: it was his idea to fix the scales. She might be lying, but it's such a douche-y thing to do that I totally believe he would have thought it up.

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