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After the show, Alexis takes all the credit. Betty asks Justin's class what they think, and Lindsay and her flunkies say that the women were fat and disgusting. Hillary wants to disagree with them, but can't. They leave, and Betty looks defeated. Daniel trots over to report that the press is saying it's their best show ever. Alexis is taking all the credit but he doesn't even care -- he's growing. As he asks Betty what's the matter, Justin runs back with Lindsay's primary flunky, who says that she thought the show didn't totally suck. She starts to ask questions about who picks all the clothes, because that sounds like an interesting job, but Justin shrieks that Lindsay's looking and they've gotta go. As they run off Daniel yells, "Stay in school! Don't do drugs!" He's going to make a great dad someday, just like Bradford. Betty and Daniel congratulate each other, and on behalf of all the girls who wear oversize t-shirts to pool parties, she thanks him. They march into the backdrop as Betty wonders if old hags over the age of thirty-five might make it into the pages of Mode, and we're out.

Next week: Betty is not herself. In kind of a sex fiend way, maybe!

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Ugly Betty




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