Eric Visits Again

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Eric Visits Again

Later, Lizzie solemnly hangs up a photo of Rachel. Steven enters and beams widely at her, exposing the chipped tooth. He exposits that it was just a cap anyway, from the time in third grade when his best friend bet that Steven couldn't bite through a rock. "I could not," he says. Then, Steven notices that Lizzie purged her wall of Eric photos. "We broke up," Lizzie says, and you can tell she thinks it's final. Steven nods, then spies a goofy picture of himself waving uncomfortably at the camera, squinting. He's subtly delighted. "Wicked," he understates. "I made the wall." Lizzie smiles, and we fade out on Steven's lopsided grin, his tooth cracked but his broken heart finally on the mend.

During the credits, we get excerpts of the Chariot of Fire blazing toward campus with three guys anxious to kick Steven's ass. "I'm gonna kill him! Oh, yeah!" Eric screeches. "I'm gonna rip off his head, and then I'm gonna kill his head. And then I'm gonna whale all over his body! Ohhh yeah!" David Krumholtz cracks up right here, I think. Cut to another shot. "Tonight's the night, Steven Karp," Eric menaces, staring straight ahead at the road. God, Jason Segel is brilliant in this part. It could so easily have been a caricature, and yet he imbues it with enough heart that I'm totally rooting for Eric. He should turn out to be gay and make out with Shaggy, just so Segel and Timm Sharp can get more screen time. The credits sequence ends with a funny argument about who gets shotgun on the way home. Eric counsels his goons like a patient parent. "He calls it every time and you always get in front," he tells a pouting Greg. Yes, our show is back. I missed it.

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